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This is a list of quotes from the game WarioWare: Twisted!.

Microgame hosts[edit]

All characters have two quotes attributed to them: a shorter quote that's displayed in a speech bubble and a longer description that pans across the bottom of the screen.


  • "Easy games for lazy bums like me!"
  • "You want the Wario, so here I am! This is my smorgasbord sampler! I got rid of the time limit to make things easier on you lazy crumb buns!"


  • "Spin small to win them all!"
  • "Ciao! Mona here! My games require perfect precision and petite spins! The controls are simple, but you'll need just the right touch if you want to win!"

Jimmy T.[edit]

  • "Jimmy T.'s mottos: Live big! Spin big!"
  • "Aw, yeah... This here is Jimmy T.'s stage. My games are larger than life, and you'll need to spin big to win big! Hold on tight to your Game Boy Advance!"
  • "You'll see where I got the funk from!" (Jimmy's Folks quote)

Kat & Ana[edit]

  • "Sneak by with just the A Button button. Stealthy!"
  • "Hi! It's me, Kat, the cutest ninja in kindergarten! Our games use just A Button! But don't think that makes 'em easy! You'll have to be fast on your fingers to beat 'em!"

Jimmy's Folks[edit]

  • "Thank you for looking after our boy, Jimmy. To show our gratitude, we've remixed the games in our 'family scramble."

Dribble & Spitz[edit]

  • "All you gotta do is spin and press!"
  • "Howdy! Dribble here. Me an' Spitz gots loads of games all about spinning and pressing A Button. We listen to three stations on my cab's radio. You should check 'em out."

Dr. Crygor[edit]

  • "'These'll turn your world upside-down!"
  • "Hello. Crygor here. DOCTOR Crygor. In my games, I've found a way to manipulate the very power of GRAVITY ITSELF!!! It...sounds more complicated than it is. Just try it, and you'll see. Oh, yes... You'll ALL see... Moohahaha!!!"


  • "You gotta spin fast in this stage!"
  • "You again! I don't have time for this, and neither do you! This is the speed stage! It's like my smorgasbord sampler, except there's a time limit now! So hurry! Time's a-wastin'! GO, GO, GO! Oh, and if you get to Level 50, you'll get somethin' good. Now, go!"


  • "Let's slow it down. Relax!"
  • "Greetings. I am Orbulon. My stage demands patience. I've given you more time to think about your actions. My games are a break from the hectic hurly-burly of your modern human existences."

9-Volt and 18-Volt[edit]

  • "'My NES Classics are all stirred up!"
  • "Heya! 9-Volt here! You know me... I'm a huge fan of Nintendo games, so that's what my stage is all about! I've mixed all my favorite games to give 'em a new spin! Even games you thought you know are gonna look totally twisted!"


  • "Check out my cape! I'm... Wario-Man!"
  • "My new look is pretty super, huh! It's only a matter of time before Bollywood comes knocking down my door! I'd better get an agent! But if he thinks he's getting 10%, he's... Oh, you wanted an explanation of my stage? Tough luck!"

WarioWatch 2[edit]

  • "Time is tight in this stage."
  • "These are the same games you played in the speed stage. This time, however, you get even less time to beat them! You'd better practice the speed stage a lot before you try your hand at this!"


  • "They're all fair game in this stage!"
  • "Everything you've played so far gets thrown into this stage! That's what makes it the skyscraper sampler! The different types of games are all mixed in together, so make your decisions quickly. Get to Level 25 to get something good!"


  • "Blink and you'll lose! Can you keep up?"
  • "Right from the start, these games come at you at high speed! This is the twitchy tower! And the more games you beat, the faster they get! You'll work yourself into a lather trying to beat these! Get to Level 25 to get something good!"


  • "You've got one chance. Don't blow it!"
  • "You've only got one chance in this thrilling stage! That's right! If you blow it, it's game over. Think you're up for the challenge?"

Microgame sets[edit]

Microgame sets have two descriptions attached to them: one in the Story and one in the Spindex.

Mini Spin[edit]

  • "To beat my stage, you'll need a little spin and a lot of skill!"
  • "The only way to beat these cute little games is with cute little spins!"

Big Tipper[edit]

  • "Bust out your biggest moves for these games! You're gonna sweat!"
  • "Give it a spin, baby, and feel the burn, because this is more than a game. It's a workout! Aw, yeah..."

Tap Out[edit]

  • "Just 'cause you only need one thumb to play our games doesn't mean you won't have your hands full!"
  • "No spinning necessary here! All you gotta do is press A Button to get through these games. Don't let the simple controls fool you, though. These games are tricky!"

Steer Clear[edit]

  • "You gotta spin and press the A Button button in our stage. Hey, it beats driving stick!"
  • "These games use both the spin and A Button. It takes some gettin' used to, but you can figger it out, can't you? Lemme tell you, it's easier than drivin' a cab!"


  • "Spin the earth! Then you can boogie down up there!"
  • "My invention makes me the master of GRAVITY ITSELF!!! And now, I'm sharing this power with you. You'll need to learn how to control gravity if you want to win... YOU HEARD ME!"

Speed Spin[edit]

  • "You gotta be fast in this stage! If the clock reaches zero, it's Game Over for you!"
  • "There's a time limit here, so no goofing off! Wasting time get you nothing but a big, fat GAME OVER! Oh, and any game from the smorgasbord sampler is gonna wind up in here, just so you know."
  • "This stage allows only the minimum amount of time! Good luck! You're gonna need it!" (Speedier Spin)

Time Warp[edit]

  • "My games allow twice the amount of time to complete!"
  • "On my home planet, time moves at half the speed it does on Earth. That's why my games have twice the normal time limit. I'm told my games are more challenging, though, so I suppose it all works out."

Spintendo Classics[edit]

  • "'I've put a new twist on all the old-school NES games! Take 'em out for a spin!"
  • "Heya! 9-Volt here! You know me... I'm a huge fan of Nintendo games, so that's what my stage is all about! I've mixed all my favorite games to give 'em a new spin! Even games you thought you know are gonna look totally twisted!"


  • "These games are even more super than my last!"
  • "Does this suit make me look fat? Tell me the truth. I can take it."

Frantic Fronk[edit]

  • "Who, me? Oh, I'm Fronk. Not like you really care or anything. My games are really, really fast. I'm just warning you now, because if you don't think quickly, you're just doomed. Doomed doomed doomed."

Misc. Menu[edit]

How To Play[edit]

  • A little warning before playing: Spin your Game Boy Advance, but don't spin your body!!! You'll get really dizzy!!! Now, press START."


  • "Choose game modes by spinning your Game Boy Advance! Press R Button to grab an icon and keep the menu from spinning."


  • "Here are all the souvenirs you've collected. Keep playing through the character' stages to collect them all!"


Game Data[edit]

  • "This will erase all your game data! So don't come crying to me when you lose all your hard work!"


  • "Turn the Rumble on and off by pressing A Button. Easy."


  • "Oh, to be so young and innocent again..."

Game Data[edit]

  • "Since I am such a bighearted fellow, I've given you not one, BUT TWO--yes, count 'em, TWO--ways to pause your game. You can replay me later."

Title Screen[edit]

  • "Press A Button to return to the title screen."