List of Dr. Crygor profiles and statistics

This is a list of profiles and statistics for Dr. Crygor.

WarioWare seriesEdit

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!Edit

Japanese website profile[1]
  • Age: You look younger, don't you? Really... hahaha...
  • Profession: People call me a genius scientist... A genius, indeed!
  • Equipment: This is a life-prolonging suit I invented. Thanks to it, I can stay young forever! But, I forgot to cover my head in this suit, so I'm bald...
  • Research Subject: Real. Everything must be real, so are the games!
  • Recent Research: Hair, love. It's very difficult.
  • About Wario: He is an interesting research subject. By the way, I designed the Wario Car! Oops!
  • One Word: Will you be my assistant? The salary is booming! It can be a little dangerous...
Instruction booklet bio (pg. 14)
  • I am Dr. Crygor, the genius scholar. Others have said a "dangerous" scholar, but I pay no mind to their opinions. My laboratory is set up to further my experiments in reality games. Feel free to stop by and contribute to my research.
    It is quite fun. Did you know that I was the one who created Wario's car? What? You do not know? Do your research!

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!Edit

Japanese website[2]
  • I am Dr. Crygor. The game I invented is all-new, using balloons.
    There is a balloon atop the television, and it is designed to inflate on its own. Players take turns playing microgames. If you succeed, you will be replaced by the next player, but if you fail, you have to play again!
    Players who have not played the microgame can quickly inflate the balloon with the A button. The player who was playing the microgame when the balloon bursts loses! Good luck to all of you.
Instruction booklet (pgs. 20-21)
  • I've no interest in this diary nonsense. I've got SCIENCE stuff to do! But...Wario said he'd help with my rent if I wrote this for him. Science doesn't pay the bills, I'm afraid.
    AUG 11th; Forecast: scattered showers
    Do you recall the storm clouds that were hanging around last night? I made them rain... I did it with a little invention I created using the theory of balloonic entropy.
    I've discovered the equation of success!
    The person playing the microgame when the balloon explodes is a loser! If you follow my directions, you surely will be the victor!
    • While carefully timing the incremental increases in balloon size, scream BLAMMO at the top of your lungs to scare other players–this approach has proven successful in lab experiments.
    • Watch the speed at which the balloon grows. It might benefit you to lose a microgame or two in order to time it so that you aren’t playing when it blows!
In-game profile information

WarioWare: Twisted!Edit

Japanese website[3]
  • Hi, it's me, Dr. Crygor.
    The stage I made is called "Gravitator". As the name suggests, it's a game that controls gravity, but don't think too hard about it. Play it and you should know. Huff-huff-huff
Instruction booklet (pgs. 28-29)
  • Muahahaha!
    With my new invention, I can defy the very law of gravity itself!
    I call it...THE GRAVITATOR!
    With my command over the force of gravity, nothing can stop me! Why, I can even walk on the ceiling! In fact, I'll test my hypothesis with a little jig right now!
    What's that, you say? If I alter gravity's pull, then we will all be (ahem) dancing on the ceiling? Good point. Would you like to become my assistant?
    All you have to do is tilt the GBA to change the direction of gravity. This should not be a difficult concept to grasp.
WarioWare Twisted Marble Maze Game bio
  • This jitterbugging scientist is a few test-tubes short of a laboratory.

WarioWare: Touched!Edit

Japanese website[4]
  • Mwahahahaha! It's finally finished! It's called the "Tri-phonic Undulating Nanobot Automaton"! With it, you can always restore the remains of an apple that you have finished eating! Delicious apple at the ready!
    It's the moment when my genius bears fruit!! Besides, you do not have to bother cleaning up anymore!
    Dr. Crygor
    Insatiable research, limitless curiosity! And with this "TUNA", I think I can easily live another 200 years...

    Slightly Unscrewed
    Use the stylus to turn it quickly, or match its timing. The device I developed is very precise, be sure not to handle it roughly.
American website bio
  • Diamond City's resident mad scientist is on permanent spin cycle. You can even whirl a planet into a black hole. Won't that look cool on your resume?
Instruction booklet (pgs. 22-23)
  • My labor of mechanical love is finally complete!
    I call it the "Tri-phonic Undulating Nanobot Automaton", or TUNA! With my brilliant TUNA, I can transform an apple core back to its original deliciousness!
    I have hypothesized that TUNA will allow me to live for at least another 437 years, during which time I can experiment continuously...while traveling in my flying space.
    Slightly Unscrewed
    Use the wonders of centrifugal force to triumph over my scientifically challenging microgames! Simply plant your stylus firmly on the Touch Screen and spin and rotate it with vigor!

WarioWare: Smooth MovesEdit

Japanese website profile[5]
  • Name: Dr. Crygor
  • Occupation: I'm the world's number one genius scientist. Only my granddaughter Penny could surpass me.
  • Hobbies: Recently, I have become aware of using the Form Baton to train my body. Using this mechanism I have completed a new diet machine.
  • Special Talent: Using my soft body, I can take on strange postures. If you ask me, "decisive posture" is foolish.
  • One Word: Look at my handsome body! This is the effect of the diet machine I invented!

Game & WarioEdit

Character card
  • Genius scientist
  • Loves celebrity gossip
  • Taking flamenco lessons
  • Prefers two-ply toilet paper

WarioWare GoldEdit

Character card
  • Rank CDr. Crygor has reengineered many things—including himself! He might not look it, but he's over 100 years old.
  • Rank BDr. Crygor might be a bit eccentric, but he's very smart. He's built tools and robots for his friends.
  • Rank ADr. Crygor was said to be quite the dashing romantic when he was a young man. Or so he keeps saying...
Japanese website bio[6]
  • A scientist who remodeled himself.
    In fact, he has been alive for over 100 years.

WarioWare: Get It Together!Edit

European website bio
  • Part robot, part mad scientist, Dr. Crygor can swim in any direction to nail those microgames.
Character description
  • Intro description: This genius scientist is so good at making mechanical marvels, he made a cyborg out of himself!
  • Break Room description: This genius scientist is so good at making mechanical marvels, he made a cyborg out of himself. These self-improvements have not solved his terrible tummy troubles.
Online Quiz: How well do you know Wario & Crew? bio
  • Dr. Crygor is a genius scientist who is so good at making mechanical marvels, he made a cyborg out of himself!

WarioWare, Inc. Official SiteEdit

Some call me a scientific genius... Which, of course, I am!
"By gallium, look who's wandered onto my page... This must be fate. Perhaps you'd consider becoming one of my test subjects?"

  • Job: "Ask anyone and they'll tell you: I'm a genius scientist."
  • Frequent cohorts: "My granddaughter, Penny, and my assistant, Mike, are never far away."
  • Hobbies: "I enjoy dancing the flamenco in order to strike on new inventions."
  • Secret to eternal youth: "I use a combination of physiological enhancements and this cryogenic suit. However, I forgot to cover my head, hence the baldness."
  • Latest research: "I am pouring all my energy into hair-growth research."
  • Notable inventions: "Why, there's the Wario Bike and Wario Car, Mona's scooter, Dribble's taxi, Kat and Ana's high-tech katanas, 9-Volt's skateboard, Jimmy's cell phone, and let's not forget Mike the karaoke robot. What HAVEN'T I invented is the question you should be asking."
  • About Wario: "He's a remarkable specimen. I should very much like to peek under the hood, so to speak."
  • CEO Comment: "Crygor may be old, but he's still kicking! He's the guy who invented my car and bike, but I sure wish he'd stop tooting his horn about it. Bah! I won't care as much once I get him to invent a machine that prints money! Wahaha!"

Super Smash Bros. seriesEdit

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

Dr. Crygor
Artwork from: WarioWare: Touched!
Effects in The Subspace Emissary: [Arm, Leg] - Attack +2
Usable by: Anyone

Super Smash Bros. for Wii UEdit

Dr. Crygor
Category: Series Related
( ) Appears in:
GBA WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (05/2003)
DS WarioWare: Touched! (02/2005)
( ) Trophy Box: 59: WarioWare, Inc.
How to unlock:
Purchase at the Trophy Shop
This technological genius (or perhaps mad scientist would be more accurate) has created many interesting inventions. Besides the life-support suit that Crygor himself wears, he's also made vehicles, such as the Wario Car. Rumor has it he's even working on a time machine. Quite the valuable employee of WarioWare, Inc. (American English)
This technological genius (or perhaps "mad scientist" would be more accurate) has created many interesting inventions. Besides the life-support suit that Crygor himself wears, he's also made vehicles, such as the Wario Car, and rumour has it he's even working on a time machine. A valuable employee of WarioWare, Inc. (British English)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spiritEdit

# Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
736 Dr. Crygor   WarioWare Series Primary (2) Advanced Grab
Electric Attack ↑
World of Light (Light Realm); Spirit Board Dr. Mario, Wario, R.O.B.
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
WarioWare, Inc. Mike's Song


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