List of Donkey Kong Country episodes featuring Donkey Kong

Hooray for Holly-Kongo Bongo
Donkey Kong in Season 2 of the Donkey Kong Country cartoon series

This is a list of all the episodes of the Donkey Kong Country television series that Donkey Kong has appeared in.


Bad Hair DayEdit

Donkey Kong in "Bad Hair Day"

In the episode "Bad Hair Day" Donkey Kong defeats an army of Kritters led by General Klump with Diddy Kong and King K. Rool becomes frustrated over it. He finds out that if he cuts Donkey Kong's hair, DK will be powerless. So K. Rool gets a Candy Kong clone to cut DK's hair and Donkey Kong loses his powers. The other Kongs try to restore DK's power but cannot, and K. Rool steals the Crystal Coconut. Finally, Cranky Kong finds the cure and, after it is spilled by Bluster Kong, Donkey Kong regains his powers by eating Bananas.

Ape Foo YoungEdit

In Ape Foo Young, Donkey Kong drinks a potion made by Cranky that turns him into the younger version of himself, Baby Kong. Cranky Kong, who had also drank the potion, is captured by the Kremlings, so Baby Kong and Diddy Kong head out to save him and the stolen Crystal Coconut. Eventually, Baby Kong recovers the Coconut, and the effects of the potion wear off just as King K. Rool confronts him to steal it back. At the sight of the adult Donkey Kong, the Kremlings retreat, and DK defeats K. Rool while fully recovering the Coconut and Cranky Kong.

Booty and the BeastEdit

Donkey Kong in "Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel"

In "Booty and the Beast", Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong team up to rescue Candy Kong and Bluster Kong from King K. Rool after he takes over Bluster Barrel Works. The Crystal Coconut is stolen by King K. and in a battle in the mines, K. Rool loses the coconut to Bluster Kong. However when they attempt to return the coconut, they are ambushed by Kaptain Skurvy's pirates. Following Skurvy's ship with Funky Kong's plane they crashland on the deck and are captured. They are finally freed by a Klaptrap named Jr. Klap Trap and they get away.

Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the BarrelEdit

Donkey Kong also appears in "Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel. After Bluster Kong gets jealous of Candy's obvious admiration of Donkey Kong, he steals the Crystal Coconut from Cranky's house and, in a big fight, it gets blasted off in a Barrel Rocket. Several Klaptraps interrogate Bluster and he reveals that the coconut was sent to Funky's Flights so they go there. However when DK and Diddy visit Funky, looking for food, Funky says he dropped the barrel into the White Mountains. DK finds Eddie the Mean Old Yeti banging a club on the barrel. The Kongs steal it back and go to get away but get the barrel stolen by Bluster. The Kongs, Eddie and the kritters chase each other for the barrel before it finally gets taken to K. Rool's base where it is used to power a satellite. Luckily DK and Diddy manage to get the coconut back from King K.

Kong for a DayEdit

In Kong for a Day, Donkey Kong, who is learned to be the future ruler of Kongo Bongo, is deceived by his friends due to the tricks of the Kremlings. Everyone on the island is soon against him, so Cranky decides to banish him to the White Mountains. Diddy Kong is promoted to future ruler of the island in his place, but is unable to handle the Kremlings' latest attack. As a result, Cranky Kong heads to the White Mountains, where he retrieves the ape. Donkey Kong defeats the crocodiles at his return, and, at the end of the episode, is welcomed back into the Kong community as future ruler, with Diddy as his "second banana."

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