List of Donkey Kong Country episodes featuring Candy Kong

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Candy Kong in Ape Foo Young.
Candy Kong as seen in the TV Show.

This is a list of episodes from Donkey Kong Country which featured the appearance of Candy Kong.


"Bad Hair Day"[edit]

In the first episode of the series, "Bad Hair Day", Donkey Kong prepares to visit Candy Kong because it is her birthday. At the time, Candy Kong is working as a quality inspector of the barrels in Bluster Barrelworks. Bluster Kong approaches her and gives her a banana cream birthday cake. She rejects the cake, saying that she is watching her figure, and sends the cake to be crushed. Donkey Kong rides on the conveyor belt towards her and offers a bouquet of bananas. She rejects him as well after Bluster Kong slams his cake onto her head. When the Candy Clone cuts off Donkey Kong's hair, Candy Kong and Bluster Kong go to Cranky Kong's house to retrieve the "voodoo undo" potion. After retrieving the potion and telling Cranky Kong she did not curse Donkey Kong, she and Bluster Kong leave with the potion.

They fly over Donkey Kong Island in a helicopter to search for Donkey Kong, but fall when Klaptraps eat the main rotor blade. Bluster Kong takes the potion from Candy Kong and pours it onto the ground, causing a giant banana tree to grow. After the Crystal Coconut returns to Cranky Kong's house, Candy Kong gives Donkey Kong a present, but the Candy Clone does the same. He chooses the Candy Clone's present, causing her to throw her present at him and leave in anger.

"Ape Foo Young"[edit]

In the episode Ape Foo Young, Candy Kong goes to dinner at Donkey Kong's house. Though Donkey Kong was transformed into a baby, which causes Diddy Kong tell her that the baby is his nephew instead. Diddy Kong later asks her to stay with the baby while he goes and look for Donkey Kong as an excuse to find Cranky to transform Donkey Kong back to his original self. Diddy Kong did not return in time, so she is forced to take the baby to Bluster Barrelworks, were she was punished by Bluster Kong for being late.

Later, the baby Donkey Kong accidentally gets himself inside a barrel, causing her to have to get him out. Bluster Kong punishes her again by putting the baby in a barrel, which prevents her from getting distracted from work. Though Donkey Kong gets out and starts pushing the buttons in Candy Kong's workplace, which messes up the barrel production. He later hides back inside one of the barrels. Meanwhile, Diddy Kong arrives to retrieve the baby, and Candy Kong informs him of the incidents. In the end, Donkey Kong returns to normal.

"Booty and the Beast"[edit]

In the episode Booty and the Beast, Bluster Kong asks her who is the most handsome Kong of the island. Candy Kong responds Donkey Kong. Suddenly, King K. Rool arrives, and Candy Kong confronts him. Soon, he takes out the Crystal Coconut and claims that he is the ruler of the island. Candy Kong begins to become mad. King K. Rool explains he wants to manufacture explosive barrels in order to prevent anyone from stopping him. Later in the episode, Donkey Kong arrives to regain the Crystal Coconut and saves Candy Kong.

"Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel"[edit]

In the episode Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel, Candy Kong has a formal lunch with Donkey Kong. Bluster Kong later arrives to inform her that lunch time is over unless she wants to play hockey with him. She refuses and reveals she prefers finishing her lunch with Donkey Kong, which causes Bluster Kong to ask her what she likes about Donkey Kong, who he calls a "big hairy ape". She responds that she likes him because he is a "big hairy ape". This causes Bluster Kong to leave, which allows her and Donkey Kong to finish their lunch.

When Candy Kong goes back to work, Bluster Kong suddenly arrives with a hairy ape look, and asks her if she is going out with him, which she refuses again. The next day, Bluster Kong continues to bother her by saying he is the future ruler of the island and takes out the Crystal Coconut. Candy Kong does not believe him and hits him, resulting in the Crystal Coconut getting inside a barrel and getting launched away.

"Kong for a Day"[edit]

In Kong for a Day, King K. Rool places a banana on the floor of a room with the intention of causing Candy Kong to slip, which will make her angry about Donkey Kong. After she enters the room, she blames Donkey Kong for the banana, telling him to not see her again. She regrets her words when Donkey Kong is later banished for destroying Cranky Kong's home, though Klump was actually responsible for the destroying Cranky Kong's house. Bluster Kong takes advantage of Donkey Kong's absence and invites her to go out, but she refuses. Later when Klump starts shooting everything in the Bluster Barrelworks, she and Bluster Kong hide behind a conveyor belt. In the end, they are save by Donkey Kong.

"Raiders of the Lost Banana"[edit]

In the Raiders of the Lost Banana episode, Donkey Kong gives a golden banana to Candy Kong as a gift for their anniversary. She showed the banana to Bluster Kong, but later, barrels suddenly start to fall. When they run out of the Barrelworks, Bluster Kong steps her head, making her mad. She later asks him to take her back to her house, but the helicopter stops working halfway and they fall into Cranky Kong's house.

Cranky explains to her that her anniversary gift is a cursed banana. In her way out, she finds Donkey Kong and he explains to her that the banana is cursed, but Candy Kong decides to keep it unless Donkey Kong wants to stop going out with her. Later, Klump takes her and the cursed golden banana to King K. Rool. King K. Rool tries to negotiate with her for the banana, but she refuses. He orders Klump to punish her, but Donkey Kong arrives to save her. Donkey Kong and her later return home in a mine cart.

"From Zero to Hero"[edit]

In the episode From Zero to Hero, she went to watch and test Cranky Kong's new x-ray machine. She explains to Donkey Kong that even the Kremlings can test the x-ray machine. On her turn to test the machine, Bluster Kong uses his wealthiness to steal her turn. On her turn, she had to go back to work, leaving Dixie Kong to enter next. Later, she starts doing aerobics. When Funky Kong watches a program with a screaming woman, Bluster Kong thinks Candy Kong is calling for help and tries to save her. In the process, he almost crashes into her in his helicopter.

Bluster Kong then proposes to her but she thought he has turned crazy. He tries to sway her by saying she would get everything he owns when he dies. Although she is interested, she turned it down due to her love of Donkey Kong.

"Buried Treasure"[edit]

In Buried Treasure, Bluster Kong invites her to a treasure hunt, and she was convinced by Dixie Kong to go. The three of them decide to go to the mountain mines. In the road to the mountain mines, Bluster Kong and Candy Kong argue about the treasure's ownership. Once they arrive, they notice that Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Funky Kong are also finding the treasure, so they follow them, but Bluster Kong was left behind. Later, the Kongs and King K. Rool start fighting in minecarts for the treasure. At the end of the episode, they discover the treasure was actually just rotten bananas.

"Get a Life, Don't Save One"[edit]

In the episode Get a Life, Don't Save One, Donkey Kong sings a song for her, which she really enjoys. After that, she tells Donkey Kong that she liked the song. When they are about to kiss, Bluster Kong arrives and ruins it by telling Donkey Kong that Candy Kong has germs, angering her.

"I Spy With My Hairy Eye"[edit]

Candy Kong was making banana cream pies for Cranky Kong and Donkey Kong in I Spy With My Hairy Eye, but then, an invisible Diddy Kong stole one of the pies. She accused Donkey Kong of it and gave his pie to Cranky Kong instead. Meanwhile, Candy Clone went to Cranky Kong's house and stole the Crystal Coconut and nearly framed her. However, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong admitted with messing with the Crystal Coconut and the group realized it was Candy Clone who stole the coconut. In the end, Candy Kong was going to give Dpnkey Kong a pie to apologize for accusing him earlier, but Diddy Kong accidentally ruined the pie by throwing it at her when he thought she was Candy Clone. She becomes furious and then throws the pie at Donkey Kong in anger.