Level 6-4 (Mario vs. Donkey Kong)

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Level 6-4
Level 6-4 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Level code Level 6-4 (GBA)
Level 8-4 (Switch)
World Twilight City
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Time limit 150 (first area)
180 (second area)
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Level 6-4 is the fourth level of Twilight City in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The high score for this level is 27000.


Level 6-4 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
The second area

The level opens with a cinematic showing Mario pressing a blue Color Switch in order to pass through a group of lasers.

In the first area, the player has to crouch under a platform while riding a conveyor belt. The player then has to swing and jump from a wire to reach a moving lift, and then jump to the right. After crossing between alternating lasers, the player then has to use another wire to reach a platform above and then collect the Key. Dropping down to the left, the player has to move through the lasers once more, and then fall into a passage to the right while avoiding more lasers. As soon as the player lands on the conveyor, the player has to drop the Key and crouch under a wall, then immediately pick the Key back up once on the other side and jump to the locked door.

In the second area, the player has to press a blue Color Switch and then climb up a rope to reach a line of Robokikkis. While swinging across their tails, the player needs to offset their movement enough that the player can get under the wall and some spikes above after climbing a ladder. After crossing the line of Robokikkis, the player has to ride conveyors to Springboards that will lead to a red Color Switch. The player needs to press this Color Switch when the Katakata Spanner Heihō is on the blue platform. The player then needs to climb onto a Robokikki's tail, collecting a 1-Up Mushroom in the process, and drop onto the Katakata Spanner Heihō when it is below them. Riding the Katakata Spanner Heihō across the spikes and crouching to avoid spikes on the ceiling, the player can then collect the Mini-Mario.


Present locations

  • Red: In the first area, between a group of lasers near where the player starts. The yellow Color Switch needs to be active.
  • Yellow: In the first area, above a wire above the lifts. The blue Color Switch needs to be active.
  • Blue: In the second area, after the group of Robokikkis.