Kong of the Mountain

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat kingdom
Kong of the Mountain
Kong of the Mountain.png
Barrel Moon Barrel
Crest(s) 54
Level(s) VS. Dread Kong, VS. Karate Kong, VS. Ninja Kong, VS. Sumo Kong, VS. Ghastly King.
Ruler Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong, Sumo Kong, Ghastly King
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Kong of the Mountain is a level found in New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (a level is exclusive to the Wii version of the game). Here, Donkey Kong must battle Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong, Sumo Kong, and Ghastly King consecutively. Before the first battle, the player is supplied with 500 beats as health, and what is left of it after each battle will be carried over to the next. Once Ghastly King is defeated, the player will then earn the 800 that are gained once he is defeated.

The level plays out exactly like the levels the player otherwise sees normally in other kingdoms (Donkey Kong fights Dread Kong in a giant tree, etc.), except the room preceding Ghastly King is entirely left out, instead heading straight to the battle itself.


VS. Dread Kong[edit]

The area begins with the fight with Dread Kong, in which Donkey Kong is given 500 beats as health to fight with. However, he hasn't changed since his last appearance, meaning his attacks and basic strategy haven't changed either. He attacks by punching, which is easily dodged, and, once DK punches him, Dread Kong can be repeatedly punched. After losing half his health, his attacks don't change much. Once defeated, Dread Kong will fall over in defeat.

VS. Karate Kong[edit]

The next area is a fight with Karate Kong. Like his predecessor, Karate Kong uses the same attacks as before. His attacks consist of swiping his hand at DK, and swiping it in the reverse direction. He can be dazed by dodging his return attack and punching him, and he can be punched numerous times after. Upon losing half his health, Karate Kong will start kicking in mid-air, though he can be punched numerously like before by attacking him at a certain point, or attacking him with an uppercut. When defeated, Karate Kong will also fall over, defeated.

VS. Ninja Kong[edit]

The third area is the fight with Ninja Kong. Ninja Kong has also not changed, starting with a punch, and can only be dazed when using an uppercut attack, or by punching at him after his attack, causing him to kick, and then DK can punch him. After having half his health depleted, Ninja Kong will use the same attacks, but can only be dazed by attacking him after dodging his second kick, which he will start doing by repeating the procedure required before, or by using an uppercut. Once defeated, Ninja Kong will fall backward in defeat.

VS. Sumo Kong[edit]

The fourth level of Kong of the Mountain is Sumo Kong. He also uses the same attacks, and his attacks can be avoided by blocking them. Once done enough, Donkey Kong can dodge his attack and punch him, dazing Sumo Kong and allowing DK to punch him numerous times. Once defeated, Sumo Kong will also fall over in defeat.

VS. Ghastly King[edit]

The fifth and final area of Kong of the Mountain is the fight with Ghastly King. This boss battle also begins the same as before, with Ghastly King mounted on Boss Pig Poppo. The mount is defeated when DK uses his Sound Wave Attack, causing the flames to retreat back to Boss Pig Poppo, dazing it. DK can then pummel the pig until defeated, causing Ghastly King to jump on and truly defeat it.

Ghastly King retains all his moves, being able to swipe kick, shoot shadow energy from his mouth, and many other attacks. He can also have his health depleted by throwing him into the wall, allowing DK to punch his face numerous times, or by meeting him face-to-face, and dodging his arm swipe, dazing Ghastly King and allowing Donkey to punch him, and, if done enough, throw him into the wall, temporarily leaving him unconscious. Once defeated, Ghastly King will stumble around, growl, and then fall forward, unconscious.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コング・オブ・コングス
Kongu obu Kongusu
Kong of Kongs (a pun on "King of Kings")