Mike and Dr. Crygor with the Kelorometer.
Mike and Dr. Crygor with the Kelorometer

The Kelorometer is an invention built by Dr. Crygor in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It is one of the game's levels. It was built to lose kelories. As the player starts playing the game, their Mii face will be composed into a red body. The player will then go into the machine, starting the level. The Kelorometer features 20 microgames. The recommended goal to achieve in this level is 5000 kelories. The high score on the game resets every day. After all the microgames are completed, the player's Mii will lose weight based on how many kelories have been burned. It is succeeded by Megagame Muscles in WarioWare: Move It!.


The first 9 microgames are played in any order:

The 10th microgame takes 16 seconds, and can be one of the following:

The next 9 microgames are played in any order:

The last microgame takes 16 seconds, and can be one of the following:

Dr. Crygor's commentsEdit

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  • No change: "Hrmph! You weren't even trying!"
  • Portly: "Well... I must give you credit."
  • Chubby: "You might look a tad trimmer."
  • Husky: "You're pleasantly plump, but at least you're healthy!"
  • Robust: "A little more... Your clothes look tight!"
  • Normal: "Ah-ha! Perfect! The ideal body shape!"
  • Slight: "See? If you set your mind to something, it will happen!"
  • Scrappy: "You're a little thin, but you're a scrapper!"
  • Skinny: "This is fine and all, but you don't look healthy."
  • Scrawny: "Is something wrong? Oh yes, the diet."
  • Boney: "You're working too hard! Everything in moderation!"
  • Twig-like: "Not even I thought you could lose so much!"
  • Stringy: "Eek! You're so skinny I can't see you!"
  • Emaciated: "What happened?! You're all shriveled!"


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイエットマシーン
Daietto Mashīn
Dieting Machine

French Kélorimètre
German Kelorienmesser
Italian Kelorimetro
Korean 초특급 다이어트 머신
Choteuggeub Daieoteu Meosin
Super Special Diet Machine

Spanish Sudorímetro


  • "Kelories" is a pun on calories, a measurement of energy.
    • Similarly, a calorimeter is a device for measuring the energy given off by a heat source, such as a chemical reaction. "Kelorometer" is a play on this.