Icicle Cavern

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Not to be confused with Icicle Caverns.
Icicle Cavern
An icicle falling in Icicle Cavern
View of the cavern
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Snow Kingdom

Icicle Cavern is a location in the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is one of four paths taken at the hub of Shiveria Town, and all of them are required to be completed to access to the Snowline Circuit.

Mario must follow the path east of the chute to find himself in an icy and snowy cavern. As it would, there are slightly larger icicles which fall upon Mario in certain places, as indicated by shadows. At the start of the cavern are a few Goombas wearing Santa hats. Capturing one of them and creating a Goomba Tower of four allows Mario to push down a Goomba button, revealing a Power Moon in the area.

Shortly after that are a few gaps with a few falling icicles, preceding a few steps Mario must climb up, collecting coins as well as coin rings along the way. At the top are a couple of Goombas near a large, vulnerable-looking outline with ice holding up the edges. Mario must walk around it to drop down the icicles, breaking away the ice. This creates a large cone which drops down, allowing Mario to collect another Power Moon. Before heading down to collect it, Mario may Wall Jump between the first and second columns in the area to find four regional coins. Next to the Power Moon below is a Warp Pipe taking Mario back to Shiveria Town.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツララの洞くつ
Tsurara no Dōkutsu
Icicle Cavern

Italian Caverna dei ghiacci
Ice cavern
Spanish (NOE) Caverna de los témpanos
Icicle Cavern