Gilbert the Gooey's Castle

Gilbert the Gooey's Castle
Blue Yoshi fighting Gilbert the Gooey in the game Yoshi's Island DS.
Level code 1-8
Game Yoshi's Island DS
Boss Gilbert the Gooey
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Gilbert the Gooey's Castle is World 1-8 of Yoshi's Island DS. It is also the second castle of the game. This level's playable Yoshi is the blue Yoshi.


The level begins near some lava, so the player has to use the bridges nearby to navigate the level. After avoiding some Ball 'N' Chains, Gooey Goons and some lava patches, the player has to go down a nearby pipe to advance. Inside the new area, Yoshi must avoid some Gooey Goons and lava to reach the Middle Ring. Nearby is a Stork Stop, an Egg Block, and a wind gust. Following that is two doors, one of which is locked, and the other one which contains a treasure area containing a Character Coin. Yoshi, paired with Baby Peach, must ride the wind gust to obtain the key to the locked door. Yoshi has to avoid a few enemies, including a Gargantua Blargg, while backtracking to the door. A pipe leading to another secret area can also be accessed there. When near the door, the player should open it, revealing a Haunted House-themed area infested with Gooey Goons. The boss, Gilbert the Gooey appears after this; a huge beige Gooey Goon covered in twenty spheres. When Yoshi removes all of the spheres, either by throwing eggs or eating them, the boss turns red and blows up.



Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグブツブツくんのおしろ
Biggu Butsubutsu-kun no oshiro
Big Gooey Goon's Castle

French Château de Gilbert le Gluant
Gilbert the Gooey's Castle (Gilbert le Gluant being the French name of Gilbert the Gooey)
German Gilbert Glockenpockes klebriges Kastell
Gilbert the Gooey's Gooey Castle (Gilbert Glockenpocke being the German name of Gilbert the Gooey)
Italian Il castello di Gommardo
Gilbert the Gooey's castle (Gommardo being the Italian name of Gilbert the Gooey)
Spanish El Castillo del Gran Gooey
Gilbert the Gooey's Castle