Ghost Island

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Ghost Island
Ghost Island.png
Game DK: Jungle Climber
Level(s) 6
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“What's with all this fog? I can't see the beard on my face!”
Cranky Kong, DK: Jungle Climber

Ghost Island is a large and dark island that appears in DK: Jungle Climber. It is the third island explored in the game.

Located between Lost Island and Chill 'n' Char Island, Ghost Island is covered in large forests with rotten trees and fog, and also has sickly green water and a large factory. Located near the center of Ghost Island is a gigantic tree with a glowing sinister face on it. Creatures that inhabit the island include Lockjaws, Puftups, Klobbers, and Zingers. The boss of this world is the Mega Amp.

Level information

Level Preview Description
3-1: Spooky Woods Spooky Woods This level takes place in a deceased forest with ghosts and fog covering the pegs. Read more...
3-2: Veggie Patch Veggie Patch This level takes place in a spooky forest, until the Kongs travel into a vegetable dimension with many pegs. Read more...
3-3: Boogity Bog Boogity Bog This level takes place in a green swamp, filled with whirlpools, Puftups, Lockjaws and Shuris. Read more...
3-4: Toybox 2 Toybox 2 This level revisits the toy dimension found in the previous level Toybox, but with a rotation wheel to flip the level. Read more...
3-5: Panic Factory Panic Factory This level takes place in an ominous factory, with the incomplete Mega Amp as the boss. Read more...
3-6: Little Ghost Island Little Ghost Island This level is similar to Panic Factory, but features switches and an automatic rising area. Read more...


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴース島
Pun on "ghost" and「島」(-tō, island)

German Geisterinsel
Ghost Island
Italian Isola fantasma
Ghost island
Spanish Isla Fantasma
Ghost Island