Fire Breath (Power Shot)

Fire Breath
MPT BowserOPS.gif MTPTBowserOffensivePowerShot.gif
Used by Bowser
Type Offensive Power Shot
Appears in Mario Power Tennis
Mario Tennis: Power Tour
Bowser using his Fire Breath Power Shot in Mario Power Tennis

Fire Breath is the Offensive Power Shot used by Bowser in Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Once activated, Bowser will use his Fire Breath to set the ball on fire, then hit the ball down the court in flames. If returned, the receiver will be pushed back drastically, similar to other Offensive Power Shots such as Barrel Cannon Blast.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイヤーブレスショット
Faiyā Buresu Shotto
Fire Breath Shot

Italian Alito Fiammante
Flamming Breath
Spanish (NOE) Aliento de fuego
Fire Breath