Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship

Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship
The Wonder Effect in the level Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Deep Magma Bog
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★
Primary power-up Bubble Flower
Wonder Effect Causes a large Bowser structure that fires explosive blasts at the players
Boss Bowser generator
Music sample
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“A battleship? Here?! Ugh... Anyway, press R Button if you want to change badges, all right?”
Prince Florian, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship is a course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, found in the sixth world of the game, Deep Magma Bog. It is an Airship summoned by Kamek to hinder the players' progress. It is unlocked after clearing Where the Rrrumbas Rule, and after a bridge is repaired for fifty flower coins. Its own completion unlocks the following courses:

This course houses one Wonder Seed, and has a difficulty of three stars.


The players start in a small area at the bow of the airship. A pipe will lead to a long corridor that autoscrolls. There are several poles throughout this area that stretch horizontally, as to allow the players to use them to travel below walls. There are Bowser Burners that breathe green fire, damaging the players upon contact. Nearby pull switches can temporarily block out the fire, as well as pause the autoscrolling. Several Flying Mechakoopas fly around as enemies. There is also a row of Marimba Blocks that can help the players grab a pole high-up to cross a large gap. A ? Switch after this gap removes a wall of blocks that impede the progress of the players. After three stacked Bowser Burners is the first checkpoint.

After the first checkpoint, there are Lava Blobbles that travel along set paths. Inside a box of blocks is the Wonder Flower for the course. To get to it, a nearby ? Switch must be pressed to make the blocks vanish. Upon collecting the Wonder Flower, a Bowser cannon will appear and start firing explosive blasts at the players. A cursor signals where the Bowser cannon will fire at, homing to a player and then stopping to fire. The explosions destroy Bowser blocks as well. More Bowser Burners, Flying Mechakoopas and Lava Blobbles are along the way. At the end of the corridor is the Wonder Seed, and collecting it will cause the Bowser cannon to disappear. After the Wonder Seed is the second checkpoint, as well as a pipe that leads to inside of the airship.

Inside the airship is a conveyor belt leading to a Bowser generator, which continuously breathes green fire. The players must use the pull switches here to repel the fire and eventually dispel it. Flying Mechakoopas fly in from above to attack the players while they are doing this. After the fire is dispelled, the Bowser generator will close its mouth, making it easier for the players to press the switch on its head, causing it to malfunction for the conveyor belt to reverse. Bowser blocks will slam into the Bowser generator, causing it to explode and destroy the airship. The players successfully escape by using Propeller Flowers.

10-flower coinsEdit

  • 10-flower coin 1: Close to the first Bowser Burner, along a wall.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Floating above a pit. A Flying Mechakoopa can be thrown at the coin to obtain it.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Past the first checkpoint, along a high-up wall. A ? Switch can be pressed to create blocks that can help the players obtain the coin more easily. Can be obtained during the Wonder Effect.



  • Bowser Burner


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグマノ樹海じゅかい飛行戦艦ひこうせんかん
Maguma no Jukai no Hikōsenkan
Deep Magma Bog's Flying Battleship

Dutch Luchtgaljoen van de Smeulgrotten
Sky Galleon of Deep Magma Bog
French (NOA) Bateau volant du Volcan végétal
Deep Magma Bog's flying ship
French (NOE) Forteresse volante du Volcan végétal
Deep Magma Bog's flying fortress
German Luftgaleere in den Magma-Tiefen
Air galley in Deep Magma Bog