Caspied le gentil fantôme

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Skit title screen of Casper the Friendly Ghost, from La planète de Donkey Kong.

Caspied le gentil fantôme is a skit that aired as part of Donkey Kong Planet. As with many of the show's skits, it is framed as a trailer for an upcoming TV show.


A drunk Donkey Kong, from the DKTV skit Caspied le gentil fantôme.
The drunk Donkey Kong.

Candy Kong is walking in the hallways of a mansion. Ghostly versions of Donkey Kong and Funky Kong suddenly appear and scare her off. As they laugh, a ghostly Diddy Kong appears and asks if he can play with them. An irritated Donkey Kong replies that scaring people is not a game and both gorillas disappear. Diddy whines that it is unjust.

The scene cuts to a drunk (living) Donkey Kong waddling in a cemetery. Three ghost Candy Kongs appear and scare him. As last time, Diddy appears and asks the Candy ghosts if he can play with them, prompting one of them to yell about what a pain he is.

The skit ends on the title card as the narrator announces "Caspied le gentil fantôme: coming soon to DKTV." Diddy says "Ah yes, that way we can all play together!"; a weary narrator then responds "He's very kind alright, but he's also a bit annoying.".

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