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Artwork of Buzzbee from Donkey Kong 3
First appearance Green House (1982)
Latest appearance NES Remix (2013)
Subject origin Bee

Buzzbees[1][2] (or Buzz bees),[3] also referred to simply as bees,[4] are insect-like enemies that appear in Donkey Kong 3. They are the primary units of the beehives in Stanley's greenhouse. They attack by either throwing darts or swooping down from their hives, trying to steal Stanley's flowers. In the original arcade version, succeeding in this turns them into Super Bees. One or two will sometimes escort Beespies, where they are referred to as Guards.[5] After round 12 (9 in the NES version), their appearance is altered.

While unnamed, a Buzzbee first appears in Green House for the Game & Watch, poking a cat as the game's alarm.

In Donkey Kong 3: Dai Gyakushū, Buzzbees transform into Super Bees when they are sprayed once. Being sprayed a second time defeats them. The design of Buzzbee itself is based on earlier rounds from the arcade game.

Buzzbees reappear in the Donkey Kong 3 Game & Watch, where they are simply called "bees." Stanley and Donkey Kong use their sprayers to force the bees to sting each other. One version of the North American box artMedia:DK3 G&W pocketsize.jpg gives them a less fuzzy appearance.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 兵隊バチ・バズビー[6]
Heitaibachi Bazubī
こバチ バズビー[7]
Kobachi Bazubī
Soldier-Bee Buzzbee

Child-Bee Buzzbee

Italian Ape blu[8]
Blue bee


  • Buzzbees greatly resemble the unnamed stinger-wielding bee enemy from VS. Ice Climber. In the Disk System version, this enemy is replaced with a Nitpicker.


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