Blazing Banana

Icon of a Blazing Banana from Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

Blazing Bananas are items found in red balloons in the racing game Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast. They are charred bananas that are on fire. When used, a racer will put Blazing Bananas behind them in a line. The line can be adjusted by turning left, right or by zig-zagging. When used by a Kremling, three bananas are put down on the racetrack. If used by a Kong, six bananas are put on the racetrack. If a racer runs into one, they will lose some of their speed and ten bananas. Blazing Bananas are also found on Mt. Dynamite, at the bottom of the volcano. This area can only be reached by firing the DK Launcher Barrel at the wrong angle.