Amida Dokan

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Amida Dokan
Amida Dokan from Itadaki Street DS
Appears in Itadaki Street DS
Time limit Unlimited
Music sample

Amida Dokan is one of the three minigames playable in Itadaki Street DS by landing on a casino square. It takes place in an underground Warp Zone from Super Mario Bros.


In this minigame, the three possible outcomes are shown on the bottom screen as Mario enters the room with the Warp Pipes. The player must choose one pipe for Mario to go down. Once Mario enters a pipe, he begins falling. If he encounters a point where two pipes connect, he takes that path and leaves his current pipe. At the bottom, the player can get any of the following outcomes:

  • A group of up to six coins where each coin is worth ten times the player's level in gold.
  • A Suit Yourself card.
  • A ? Block containing up to 10 coins, a Suit Yourself card, a Poison Mushroom which causes the player's shops to close for a turn, or a Super Mushroom that allows the player to increase a shop's value by 20%.
  • A Piranha Plant which does nothing. It is always one of the three options at the bottom.


  • +Control Pad − Select
  • A Button − Confirm choice


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あみだドカン
Amida Dokan
Amida Pipe