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|KorM=Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
|KorM=Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
*This is the first game in the ''Mario Kart'' series where [[Princess Peach|Peach]] and [[Yoshi]] are not playable characters and do not appear at all.


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Template:Infobox Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a spin-off of the Mario Kart series for the Nintendo Switch announced as part of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The game makes use of physical kart products of Mario and Luigi with a camera attached to the back of the kart, which live streams the surrounding area to the player's Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit released worldwide on October 16, 2020.


Promotional photo of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit in action
The game screen

To set up a track, the player has to place up to four gates around the room. Lakitu will come down and paint the kart, and the player has to then drive through the gates, marking how they want the track to appear on the screen. The appearance can be from a simple loop to a curvy track through their furniture. The controller connects to the kart product and controls it, similar to an RC Car. Items affect the kart product when used, such as Mushrooms making the toy move faster or a Koopa Shell making the toy stop momentarily. Using augmented reality, items and the Koopalings appear on the player's screen, as well as the second player's kart. Five laps can be raced.[1]







Kart parts




The Icon of the Mushroom Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Mushroom Cup
The Icon of the Flower Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Flower Cup
The Icon of the Shell Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Shell Cup
The Icon of the Star Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Star Cup
The Icon of the Banana Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Banana Cup
The Icon of the Leaf Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Leaf Cup
The Icon of the Lightning Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Lightning Cup
The Icon of the Special Cup for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Special Cup
Live Circuit Freezie Frosts Work Zone[3] Royal Highway Mushroom Fields[6] Magikoopa Mirage[3] Jolly Workshop[6] World 1-1[3]
Lightning Lagoon[6] Glazed Gardens[3] Cheep Cheep Reef[3] Wibble Woods[3] Boo Fortress[3] Crafty Tropics[6] Chain Chomp Stadium[6] Chain Chomp Glacier[6]
Piped Wetlands[6] Piranha Paradise[3] Bowser's Castle Windswept Prairie[3] Tornado Tundra Gusty Galaxy[6] Ember Island[3] Rainbow Road[3]


Image Name Description
Artwork of a Mushroom in Mario Kart 8 (also used in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) Mushroom "Gives you a brief speed boost."
A Triple Mushroom in Mario Kart 8 Triple Mushrooms "Three Mushrooms held in your hand. Press L to use one of them for a brief speed boost."
Artwork of a Golden Mushroom in Mario Kart 8 (also used for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) Golden Mushroom "For a short time, allows you to use a Mushroom for a brief speed boost every time you press L."
Star in Mario Kart 8 Star "Makes you temporarily invincible and increases your speed."
Artwork of a Coin in Mario Kart 8 Coin "Gives you five extra coins. The more coins you have, the faster your kart will go. Collecting coins unlocks new kart themes, horns, and costumes."
Banana in Mario Kart 8 Banana "Causes anyone who hits it to lose control briefly. Can be tossed in front of or behind the kart."
Triple Bananas in Mario Kart 8 Triple Bananas "Three Bananas held in your hand. press L to drop one of them."
Red Shell in Mario Kart 8 Red Shell "Red Shells lock on to an pursue the kart in front of you, knocking over the first driver they hit. They can also be thrown backwards."
Spiny Shell in Mario Kart 8 Spiny Shell "Targets the driver in 1st place and causes a brief loss of control when it strikes. This one won't stop until it catches up with the leader!"
Lightning in Mario Kart 8 Lightning "Strikes all opponents ahead of you with lightning, causing them to lose their items. It also temporarily reduces their speed!"
Bullet Bill in Mario Kart 8 Bullet Bill "Temporarily transforms you into a Bullet Bill, steering you along the course. While in Bullet Bill form, you are invincible. Holding brake will cancel Bullet Bill form."
Bob-omb in Mario Kart 8 Bob-omb "Bob-ombs explode a short time after use or on impact with a kart. Anyone caught in the blast loses control for a short duration! They can be thrown forwards or backwards."
Blooper in Mario Kart 8 Blooper "Squirts ink on the karts ahead of you, briefly obscuring the drivers' views."
Boomerang Flower in Mario Kart 8 Boomerang Flower "Strikes the closest opposing racer, jolting their steering."
Chain Chomp in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Chain Chomp "Attaches to the nearest kart, tugging it in different directions along the course. You won't be pulled while holding down B."


Image Name Description
Sunshine "Default environment setting, with no effect on gameplay."
Rain "Rain will cause Mushrooms to sprout up from the ground. Driving through a Mushroom will grant a brief speed boost."
Snow "Falling snow will cause Freezies to appear. Driving into a Freezie will encase the kart in ice and make it unable to move for a short duration."
Sandstorm "Occasional gusts of wind will push the kart left or right. Keep an eye out for coins or a rare item box blowing across the course!"
Spooky "Boos and coins will float around the course. Colliding with a Boo results in a temporary loss of vision and a loss of coins. Honking near boos will cause them to hide and allow you to pass through them safely."
Underwater "Submerges your course underwater. Cheep Cheeps will swim around the course trailing a line of coins. Hitting a Cheep Cheep will result in a brief loss of control."
Rainbow "Star-shaped boost gates appear along the course. Meteor showers of coins and Super Stars fly onto the course for players to collect."
Lava "Your course heats up, and Lava Bubbles jump up from lava pools in the ground. Driving into Lava Bubbles causes a brief loss of control."
Jungle "Jungle overgrowth takes over the course. Poison Piranha Plants spit globs that create slick spots on the course. Hitting a slick spot will briefly cause steering difficulty when a kart drives over it."
Blizzard "Intense snow and wind take over the course. Twisters appear along the way. Watch out or they'll try to pull your kart in!"
Retro "Your course in transformed into a classic 8-bit setting. Goombas and coins appear along the way. Hitting a Goomba will result in a brief loss of control."

Gate features

Image Name Description
Item Box in Mario Kart 8 Item Box "Picking up item boxes rewards the player with a random power-up."
Boost "Gives any kart passing through the boost zone a brief increase in speed."
Magnet "Attracts any nearby karts and pulls them towards the gate."
P Switch "Driving over the P Switch causes a cluster of coins to appear on the course for a short duration."
Piranha Plant "Chomps down on passing drivers, yanking them out of their karts for a short duration."
Amp "Zaps any kart that touches it and greatly reduces speed for a short duration."
Item Pipe "Item boxes appear from one pipe and travel across the gate and disappear into the pipe on the other side. Time it just right to collect the box and earn a power-up."
Chain Chomp "If you hit the signs underneath the gate, a Chain Chomp will bite down on your kart, dragging you in different directions along with the course for a short time. You won't be pulled while holding down B."
Music Note "Hitting the treble clef at the gate will cause a series of music notes to appear along the course. If you collect all the notes, you'll earn an item box!"
Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: A Magikoopa or Kamek holding his wand (reused for Mario Party DS as his artwork) Magikoopa "When a kart passes by the magical barrier, a Magikoopa appears and casts a spell on the player. The spell causes the world to transform into or out of Mirror Mode."
Fire Bar "Fire Bars will rotate near the gate and cause any kart that touches them to briefly lose control."
Thwomp "Crashes to the ground, causing an earthquake that shakes the screens of any nearby karts. It also briefly impacts steering controls."


Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit received mixed to positive reviews.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo Switch Janet Garcia, IGN 7/10 "Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’s mixed reality novelty excels when you have the space and motivation to make your courses flourish, but occasional tech hiccups and clogged wheels are hazards just as dangerous as any Blue Shell. That said, when I took the time to really lean into the creative challenge building a track presented me with, I was often rewarded by having a blast racing on it. Some familiar mechanics get lost in the translation to AR, but this is still an enjoyable Mario Kart game no matter what roadway I made."
Nintendo Switch Steve Watts, GameSpot 7/10 "There's fun to be had in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, but you have to invest in it. The more work you put into making your go-kart track craftwork unique, the more enjoyment you'll get out of racing, with or without some frustration and repetition. Mario Kart Live isn't going to have the long-term appeal of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but with some imagination and ingenuity, you can make it something special."
Nintendo Switch Brain Shea, Game Informer 7.5/10 "Despite its shortcomings, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit still brings hours of fun. While firing up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is more convenient and fully featured, Mario Kart Live’s unique take on the series is worth checking out for those looking for exciting twists on a well-worn concept."
Compiler Score
Metacritic 74
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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオカート ライブ ホームサーキット
Mario Kāto Raibu Hōmu Sākitto
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Chinese (simplified) 马力欧卡丁车实况:家庭赛车场
Mǎlì'ōu Kǎdīngchē Shíkuàng: Jiātíng Sàichē Chǎng
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Chinese (traditional) 瑪利歐賽車實況:家庭賽車場
Mǎlì'ōu Sàichē Shíkuàng: Jiātíng Sàichē Chǎng
Mario Racing Live: Home Circuit

Korean 마리오 카트 라이브: 홈 서킷
Mario Katue Raive: Hom Seokit
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit


  • This is the first game in the Mario Kart series where Peach and Yoshi are not playable characters and do not appear at all.


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