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Worn-Out is the weakest sticker variation in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Only two stickers fall in this variation; the Worn-Out Jump and the Worn-Out Hammer. They are only found scattered around in the first three worlds because, as the Sticker Museum's Worn-Out Jump description states, reputable shops are too ashamed to stock them. They can be identified in the Album by having a brown background and a bandage-like X on it. Worn-Out Stickers are also worthless as they only sell for 1-2 coins each.

Worn-Out also appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash as a Battle Card variation, serving largely the same purpose, although new x3 and x5 versions, which strike three and five times, respectively, appear. The Worn-Out Jump symbol now depicts a boot with patches and its sole sometimes becoming undone.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]