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15,817 edits and counting!

I am Atari Jaguar, an administrator of the to-be-closed DK Wiki, and an avid NIWA supporter. You can find me on just about every NIWA wiki!

Other wikis

I have edited nearly every NIWA wiki. Chances are if you search my username on another NIWA wiki, you find my userpage saying the iconic "Edits and counting!" that I posted on each user page across the wiki.

There are a few instances where Results May Vary is not my username:

  • Limp Bizkit (F-Zero Wiki) - Unfortunately, since I couldn't register my username, I decided on one of my favorite band.
  • Castaway2000 (ShoutWiki)
  • Conker the Squirrel (SmashWiki)
  • Atari Jaguar (DK Wiki) - R.I.P.

Goals in general

  • Improving coverage on Donkey Kong-related content, including finishing the DK Wiki merge.
  • Adding high quality assets to here and other related NIWA wikis, and general cleanup where needed.
  • Trying to add more content on the all-time best company, Rareware, for this wiki and Lylat Wiki (Star Fox Adventures). Hopefully some day there can be a small Rareware Wiki alliance.

Name derivation

My name is derived from Results May Vary, a studio album from Limp Bizkit.