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DR. Freezegood

Hello this is Dr. Freezegood here from Australia!! [Pepole reading I love icon images, images without white backround sorry I do not know what its named... so seend me some images!] READ THE SHROOM! ANIME! I like to say Anime. Pelease tell me how to add images onto pages, I do not know how to do so and I am verry needed in super mario 64 x4 knowlage so add some thing to my page [if you can...] I've added some text to the SM64DS beta page! and some one rewrote it with more gramer and ANIME!... things WACH KING OF BANDITS JING!... <-- good anime. and thank you who rewrote it! <--- FIRST ENTREY YESSHHHHH!! ANIME!...Bad English. and yes I am from Australia! go to my web site at [no caps] ANIME!