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Hey guys, I'm Bazooka Mario, your local gun-nut happily armed resident of MarioWiki! As silly as my username can be and as tacky as this page might be, I'm a dedicated contributor to this wiki. I might seem serious and have a tendency to use big words, but don't worry, I'm a nice person and willing to help any budding editors. I also like a dose of nonsense and silliness (just don't laugh at my username unless you like a bayonet into your car). I love to argue in the wiki so I tend to engage in proposals and feature nominations very often. What else do I do? You can check below to get a taste of what my editing habits and goals are, even though I rarely meet them myself. But I do love editing here, as I'm here for 7 years, and, even though I feel like I matured a lot since I first signed up, my general personality's the same and all.

Oh, to ease your thoughts, I despise the NRA.

User information

My ongoing wiki plans: kill Wario

My real name is Emilie and I'm a dumb American woman with French and Chinese heritage. I reside somewhere in the Santa Clara county in California. My home address will be revealed once I figure out how to divide by zero. I suppose it's already a given, since you're browsing this wiki, but I'm a major Mario fanatic in terms of games and the character. People say this about themselves a lot, but I'm one of the most passionate Mario fangirls here, so I really, really love Mario. He's not exactly the traditional aspect of handsome, but I still think he's so cute! I even went by his name, Mario (talk), which redirects to here, at one point, and I loved doing that.

Little details about me? Oh, yes, I'm left-handed, which gave rise to my primary more well-known alias, LeftyGreenMario (talk). Coincidentally, in politics, I'm a leftist and a believer in democratic socialism. I'm also a strong atheist, which means I do not believe in the existence of God and I reject all religions. Finally, I'm an asexual aromantic which means I have no sexual nor romantic attraction to any sex/gender. As well as being interested in Mario and video games, I also enjoy casual birding and drawing, and I own a very adorable cockatiel.

I have an identical twin sister going by Baby Luigi (talk) who shares a similar strong interest and passion for the Mario series, except she loves Baby Luigi as much as I love Mario.

Stuff I do

LeftyGreenMario's terrible userbox tower (don't worry, it's not as atrocious as the last attempt)
Caped Mario
Mario on Fire.png
16 × 32px
Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii
Mario jumping on a Spiny.
LuigiMP lose.png
Metal Mario from Mario Kart 8.
Toad's turn to go from Mario Party 6
Flaming Wario
Donkey Kong gets knocked out by a DK Barrel in his Double Bogey animation in Mario Golf: World Tour.
Waluigi MKDS record icon.png
Beam Kirby's trophy render from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Rayman trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
The Weird Mario that answers the door in Super Mario Maker.
Logo of Super Mario Maker (Version 2)

Aside from killing Wario, Donkey Kong, and Ganondork, what do I do here? Mostly, I make minor edits and stuff. As stated previous, I'm a frequent participant in wiki projects and discussions around here including MarioWiki:Proposals, MarioWiki:Featured articles, and collaborations in the external forums.

I upload pictures I ripped or taken via Dolphin Emulator. I also use other emulators to take screenshots of games, mainly Mario Party. If there is a huge amount of Mario Party minigame pictures with Daisy, Waluigi, and Wario, blame it on my sister or me.

My Plans

  • Improve the wiki? Provide input where I feel appropriate.

Luigi's Mansion

Complete humiliation

For my own convenience, here is what the Luigi's Mansion article should be required to have, or it should have it to be the difference between a good and a great article:

  • Interactable objects with the Game Boy Horror (mirrors, mouse holes, cheese).
  • A complete section of the Game Boy Horror and its functions.
  • A table listing each enemy, with a short description and small image
  • A table listing Mario's items and their locations. Flavor text upon finding the item is encouraged but not really needed.
  • A table listing miscellaneous objects that don't quite fit with others, such as Poison Mushrooms, Hearts, and Cheese. Other objects, including treasure chests and keys, should also be included.
  • A better controls section, listing what each button does rather than lumping the thing into one paragraph.
  • An expanded reception section.

This list may not be complete nor definitive and may be subject to change.


Could use some adjustments.

It's not about me, it's about the article. Here's what the article should have before it can be featured.

This list may not be complete nor definitive and may be subject to change.

When I'm not working on the Mario article

And here are some opinions I have related to this article.

  • While the personality section may seem bloated as it is, every aspect of that section is required; therefore, nothing can be majorly trimmed. Mario, unlike Link and other silent protagonists, is not a true silent protagonist. He is not a complete template, as he is consistently shown to be more aggressive than, say, Luigi. His lack of talking can bolster the claim that Mario is underdeveloped, so the paragraphs are needed. When Mario actually talks, however, it's a striking exception that needs mentioning. Since Mario spans not just from literally hundreds of games, but also books and comics, his personality section is bound to be naturally big from his large history, not from the complexity of his personality.
  • The differences of looks between N64 and post-Luigi's Mansion may sound silly, but the transition from the N64 to the Gamecube is a quite big leap, with in-game models actually resembling the artwork. Afterward, from Gamecube-Wii U, the models are simply refined and more detailed rather than transitioning from a bunch of blocks to something much more sophisticated. Many characters have also received an overhaul in terms of artwork. N64 artwork is simplistic and less defined. There is a very visible difference between artwork from Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4, so I think this difference needs to be noted. If you have a side-by-side comparison, Mario from N64 indeed looks very different. In fact, Super Smash Bros. Melee, an early Gamecube game, depicted Mario more as his N64 version than his Gamecube version.
  • Unlike the Bowser article, the Mario article keeps its story-heavy sections short, not wide, overbearing synopsizes that qualify as full-length articles within an article. The biggest problem Mario has, however, is covering the obscure, yet accessible media such as Club Nintendo, Super Mario Adventures, and White Knuckle Scorin'. This, I will address shortly, but if I get the spare time to load and edit the article.
  • I will try not to be protective of this article, but if I am, please tell me (politely).

Historical catastrophe

This an official Terrible-Quality Writing seal of approval by Mario.

The article was nominated to be featured at one point (check the quality of the article at the time; it's really bad; pardon for the italics throughout the article, but some people back then had no clue how to close italics), but I can safely say that its only remaining problem is coverage, which I'm dutifully doing here and there. The rest of the problems pointed out in this nomination is hopefully gone and a relic of the past. I've also proofread the entire history section of the article at one point, so I did remove cruft and changed to present tense. What's remaining is, again, coverage and focusing this article's writing like a laser, spotting any more cruft or poor writing. I may have to ask other editors feedback to avoid personal biases which will cloud my judgement of the writing quality.

Gems from that old revision
  • "Despite his lengthy history, Mario is, in many ways, an undeveloped character, with many details of his accepted biography having been created through complex lore spawned from the imaginations of comic book artists, cartoon writers, and fans."
  • "Mario has also appeared in Tomytec's Dots." (that was a trivia entry)
  • "In the recent games, Mario's colors are lighter than his colors in 2002 to 2006."
  • "However, Kamek, fearing the Star Children would ruin the plans of the Koopa Troop, attacked the stork and managed to kidnap Luigi but left Mario to plummet towards Yoshi's Island in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. By chance, Yoshi was walking below and cushioned Mario's fall. Confused at the baby's presence, Yoshi consulted his fellow Yoshis and they worked out a plan to trek across the island in an effort to save Luigi and return the babies to their parents."
  • "These events formed the premise for Yoshi Touch & Go. How the events of the video game factor into the story is unconfirmed. These events formed the premise for Yoshi Touch & Go. How the events of the video game factor into the story is unconfirmed. (next paragraph) In "Plumbers Academy," Mario claimed that he was born with a plunger in his hand. Luigi stated that it was hard on their mother. Mario proved to be a hassle for his parents, as described in "Family Album "The Early Years"." Among the issues his parents had with him, Mario once broke the sink with a wrench while his mother was giving him a bath. Mario's hair grew out to its adult length very quickly. (WTF does this have to do with Yoshi Touch & Go!?)
  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: "Later in Mario's early life, after he had outgrown his diaper, he and his brother came to know Baby Peach. The three became good friends and playmates." (Yoshi's Island DS never happened!?)
  • "The extraterrestrials made an assault on Princess Peach's Castle."
  • Then it has some random ass section called "Growing up in Brooklyn". Is this some fanon speculation that's supposed to fill in between Yoshi's Island and the Mario cartoons? Wow... I haven't even realized how terrible MarioWiki was at the time, and I didn't even notice!
  • "Abandoning carpentry and leaving Donkey Kong to his own devices, Mario entered the plumbing business with Luigi and formed Mario Brothers Plumbing as revealed in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show." Again, wtf!?
  • "The Mario Bros. found the Mushroom Kingdom in a state of despair in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. Special. Koopa Troop soldiers, such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Hammer Bros. patrolled the streets and immediately began to attack them." (Streets!? There are no "streets" in Super Mario Bros.!)
  • "However, the brothers were unable to restore Peach to her throne according to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!!" (This is in the Super Mario Bros. 2 section!)
  • "Mario and Luigi met with their toughest challenges yet. Bowser had prepared an expansive, modern military, complete with tanks, airships, and ships capable of withstanding the lava that flowed throughout the world."
  • "Mario had to brandish his infamous Hammer during the events of Wrecking Crew '98."
  • "Using his new tail-tossing skill he hurled Bowser into a spiked bomb and ended his terrible reign." XD XD XD
  • "After Luigi saved him from the painting he was imprisoned in by King Boo, Mario took a well deserved vacation with Peach and Toadsworth during the events of Super Mario Sunshine."
  • "Mario & Luigi are back again in their latest appearance, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story!"
  • "Bowser follows Dark Star to a tower top, and an epic battle begins!"
  • Spin-offs is separated from everything else. That wasn't such a bright idea.
  • "Mario has even ventured onto the world of basketball in Mario Hoops 3 on 3. Fortunately, Mario was a successful basketball player as he had a extraordinary jumping ability."
  • "Mario seems to not be bothered by certain temperature levels, even in volcanoes and tundras (although in Super Mario Sunshine Mario would take damage without his hat on due to the heat and in Super Mario 64, Mario would shiver when not moving in snow level). "
  • "Mario has been shown to be incredibly powerful and strong, almost comparable to that of super-human strength." (Mario is also very fast and quick and fast)

Oh my god, I was way too young and inexperienced to understand this hilariously atrocious writing, but now I'm older, ...


King Fawful's questions and LeftyGreenMario's answers

Retrieved from LeftyGreenMario.

This was exactly my reaction when I realized what they did to Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Q1: Have you ever tasted mustard of doom?

Yes, and it's so spicy, my eyes popped away. I'm blind now.

Q2: You have been kidnapped by Professor E. Gadd! what do you do?

I'd trick him by giving him a DVD of the Garbage Pail Kids. When the hideousness of the movie deeply engrosses him, I quietly sneak out.

Q3: Are you a lefty?


Q4: Are you green?

I have a fair complexion, so no, I'm not green.

Q5: Are you Mario?

Dang I wish. Even if I did have to go through a gender change.

Q6: I need to poop, but i'm not finished writing this! what should i do?

Ask the next question. Isn't that obvious?

Q7: I just went. it felt good.


Q8: Do you like waffles?

Yup. I like purple waffles the most, though, because they remind me of purple pizza with heavy syrup on top.

Q9: Do you like pancakes?

I like crêpe more.

Q10: Do you like french toast?

If I'm sharing them with Mario, then yes. Otherwise, I prefer purple waffles.

The edit everyone on this wiki wants to avoid


My Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Trophy collection

















And thus, my chase for Wario extermination continues. That red guy is just a good friend of mine.
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