Turtle (Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)

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This article is about the turtles from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. For other uses of the word "turtle", see Turtle.
The Turtles in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

Turtles are a species of animal, not to be confused with either the Koopas, walking turtles that have names, or Shellcreepers.

Turtles appear in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat not as allies or enemies, just as opponents Donkey Kong raced in the Pear Kingdom. If Donkey Kong didn't get first place, he would still beat the level, just not get many beats. Minus the different skin and shell coloration, all three turtles look exactly the same.

Each of the three turtles will always take one preset path through the course, and will always place in one set position:

  • The light-shaded turtle is placed first.
  • The dark-shaded turtle is placed second.
  • The middle-shaded turtle is placed third.

If Donkey Kong finishes first, they will clap their flippers together in applause.