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  • image – an image. Must use {{!}} for a | break symbol in image syntax.
  • title – default pagename, just in case can be changed
  • first_appearance
  • latest_appearance
  • parent_species (shown as Variant of) – an older or more basic entity that the subject is based on, i.e. Gloomba is a variant of Goomba
  • derived_species (shown as Variants) – an entity based on the subject, i.e one of Goomba's variants is Gloombas
  • related (shown as Comparable) – similar entities that are not actually based off one another, such as Tub-O-Troopas and Colossal Koopa Paratroopas
  • relatives – an entity with a variant-type relationship with the subject in which it's not clear which is the variant of which.
  • notable – notable members of a species, like how Magikoopas would have Kamek.
  • affiliation – i.e., Koopa Troop, X-Naut. Note that this parameter is no longer used in wiki articles and stays on the template only due to its usage on an entry of MarioWiki:BJAODN.
  • expand – for collapsing the "derives species", "related species" and "notable" lists when they are long. Activate this by writing "expandable" (it is "noexpandable" by default).