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no quorum


This template is to display the outcome of a proposal after the deadline has been met.

{{ProposalOutcome|passed/failed/vetoed/canceled/no consensus/no quorum|votes (if necessary)|argument}}

The following table demonstrates the different varieties and different usages of the template.

passed 11-3
implement 5-0
create articles for paper jam characters only 8-0-0
{{ProposalOutcome|passed|8-0-0|create articles for paper jam characters only}}
failed 3-5
Don't merge 4-8
{{ProposalOutcome|failed|4-8|Don't merge}}
failed to reach consensus 10-0-8
{{ProposalOutcome|no consensus|10-0-8}}
vetoed by the administrators
The information posted in the comments shows that the situation is more complicated than initially believed, however there was no time for the proposal and its participants to take that into account.
{{ProposalOutcome|vetoed|*insert text here*}}
canceled by proposer
no quorum 2-0
{{ProposalOutcome|no quorum|2-0}}

Alternatively you can use the same template with the old system by specifying a color (red,green,gray) followed by the outcome in plain text. (This however cannot produce admin comments in the vetoed outcome, so you have to add it manually)

{{ProposalOutcome|color|title + votes}}
failed 3-6
{{ProposalOutcome|red|failed 3-6}}
split the articles 7-3
{{ProposalOutcome|green|split the articles 7-3}}
vetoed by the administrators
*insert text here*
{{ProposalOutcome|blue|vetoed by the administrators}}<small>*insert text here*<br>

In both cases, the outcome will be in upper case.