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This infobox can be used in normal minigames, Mario Party series minigames, and WarioWare microgames as well. Here are the instructions of using the infobox.

  • align - Position of the block (left or right).
  • title - The title itself. Leave it blank unless the exact name from the article name appeared in the entry, can use it to change it. This implementation is due to certain articles such as Bob-omb Squad (minigame) and Bill Blasters (minigame).
  • image - An image, with 260px required for image files higher than 260px horizontally.
  • appeared_in - Describes what the minigame appeared in.
  • type - For Mario Party series, see minigames for category details. For WarioWare microgames, the microgame can be found in one of the Microgame sets. And other, we may deal with that later.
  • intro - The description shows how to complete the microgames in WarioWare.
  • info - Slot one of details of the minigame.
  • info2 - Slot two of details of the minigame.
  • info3 - Slot three of details of the minigame.
  • controls - Instructions of how to use them to play the minigame. If it's possible, use {{button|n64/gcn/gba/ds/wii|buttonhere}}.
  • form - The WarioWare: Smooth Moves form used as the controls for the game's microgames.
  • time - The time limit of the minigame.
  • record - The initial record for the minigame.
  • clear - Amount of points needed to clear the minigame in WarioWare.
  • notes - Can be used for additional notes regarding the minigame.
  • song - The name of the music track used.
  • cost - The cost to play the minigame.
  • prize - The prize the player gets for winning the minigame.
  • music - Sample of the background music used in the game.