Template:DK levels table row

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This template is used to format table rows (corresponding to levels) for levels tables in the Donkey Kong franchise. It currently only supports Donkey Kong Country.

Example usage:

<table class="wikitable dktable-brown" style="width:99%; text-align:center">
{{DK levels table section |game=dkc |world=World}}
{{DK levels table row}}
{{DK levels table row |game=dk64}}
{{DK levels table row |game=dkc}}
{{DK levels table row |game=dkc |style=background:wheat |num=1 |level=[[Jungle Hijinxs (Donkey Kong Country)|Jungle Hijinxs]] |bonus=2 |terrain=Jungle |music=DK Island Swing}}
{{DK levels table row |game=dkc |style=background:#FFF8DC |num=16 |num_gba=18 |level=[[Temple Tempest]] |bonus=2 |terrain=Ruins |music=Voices of the Temple}}
{{DK levels table row |game=dkc |style=background:#FFF8DC |num=- |num_gbc=37 |level=[[Necky Nutmare]] |bonus=1 |terrain=Cave |music=Cave Dweller Concert}}
|- ! colspan="7" style="background:#BB8855" | World |-style="background:burlywood" ! colspan="3" style="width:15%" | # || rowspan="2" style="width:35%" | Level || rowspan="2" style="width:13.5%" | Bonus Areas || rowspan="2" style="width:13.5%" | Type of level || rowspan="2" style="width:23%" | Music theme |-style="background:burlywood" ! style="width:5%" | SNES !! style="width:5%" | GBC !! style="width:5%" | GBA
|game= is required
"dk64" is not currently supported as a value for |game=
1Jungle Hijinxs2JungleDK Island Swing
1616Temple Tempest2RuinsVoices of the Temple
-37-Necky Nutmare1CaveCave Dweller Concert