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Mario Award winner Award-winner has won a Mario Award in the Awards Ceremony!!

Has lots of {{#if}}s to change singular into plural. To be used on talk pages of articles covering a winner in the Mario Awards.


  • tie – when defined will add "co-won" instead of "won". Preferably just put "yes", but any text string will do.
  • multiple – when defined will change singular into plural. Also any text string will work.
  • year – in front of "Awards Ceremony". For 2007 put "first", in later years we will follow up with second, third, etc.
  • # – the A# of the award.
  • award – the name of the award
  • presenter – the presenter of the award

There are exact copies of the last three variables, as #2, award2, etc. to accommodate up to 3 entries.