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Not Conjectural?[edit]

What a second... the conjecture template isn't here. Is this name official? I know Flyin' Fishie isn't one of the few characters given an official name in Super Mario Land 2's manual... (Oh, and if this name isn't official, I think the article should be moved to Flyin' Fishy... That makes more sense to me.) --YellowYoshi398 16:12, 8 March 2007 (EST)

If this thing is a Bird-Fish Hybrid,let's call it Birdfish! User:Mecha-Boss Unit

According to MarioWiki:Naming, we should stick to accurate names. While it seems obvious to call this a fish, calling it a Brid hybrid is inaccurate. It could simply be a fish with wings.--Knife (talk) 03:05, 30 November 2010 (UTC)


For future reference, the source of the name seems to be the Super Mario Daijiten. Niiue (talk) 10:05, 28 December 2015 (EST)