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World Pages[edit]

The pages for every World are split between the NTSC and PAL names. For example, Big Island (World 4) doesn't exist, instead having Giant Land, but Seaside (World 3) takes the place of Water Land. Some worlds don't even exist like Ice Land/Iced Land (World 6) I'm thinking we need to be consistent, but I'm not sure which name to use. I'm leaning toward the PAL names, as they sound more interesting instead of XYZ-Land, though.Monty Mole 18:33, 18 August 2006 (EDT)

Don't most players play the NTSC version, though? Either way, note the other version's name for the world in the article and possibly create redirects. Wayoshi ( T·C·@ ) 19:16, 18 August 2006 (EDT)
The name should be the one given in the most recent adaptation of Super Mario Bros. 3, namely the Game Boy Advance version (as released in North America). Newer versions allow for corrections in previous versions, and represent the most canonical source. -- Son of Suns
I support this, someone on here decided to revert them to their PRG1 NES names rather than using the PRG0/Japanese/All-Stars/GBA names. The only one that did not change was Grass Land.


This is one of the best selling Mario games in history. Why such a small article? I mean, really... Super Mario Picross's article is equally long as this. I'll have to expand it myself when I get the time... --King Piranha Plant 21:29, 20 January 2007 (EST)

It is, indeed. AT LEAST a link to each world... 3dhammer.gif 3D, glad to see you, Kelt! Thought you'de gone inactive.. 3dhammer.gif
Yeah, this is truly pitiful. The good thing is, the worlds' articles are lengthy enough for worlds. Still, the game's article should be as long as Super Mario Bros.'s article. Oh, and, great to see you too. I haven't gone inactive, I've just been VERY, VERY busy writing my science fiction novel. But I sat down to play Paper Mario 2 the other day and remembered Mario Wiki. I was surprised to remember the fact that I hadn't done anything for so long here. o_o;; --King Piranha Plant 21:41, 20 January 2007 (EST)


Shouldn't the worlds of SMB3 be moved to the names they had in Super Mario Advance 4? After all, they are the latest and most correct names. Sprite of Rex from Super Mario WorldPeachycakes 3.14

I agree. Those many "Land" names have only been used in the NES re-release (Virtual Console version doesn't count, as it is simply an unchanged emulated version). While the original names have been used (with a few differences) in the original NES release, in Super Mario All-Stars and in Super Mario Advance 4. And we have a policy to use the most recent names (which is also the reason for using the name Goomba's Shoe due to the GBA remake). I'd support a move. --Grandy02 11:26, 19 April 2010 (EDT)
Due to the mentioned policy, I don't think this needs a proposal or anything. Couldn't they just be moved to the GBA names? --Grandy02 11:41, 23 April 2010 (EDT)
Yep. I'll do that right now. But first, what are the names? Hello, I'm Time Turner.
  • Grass Land
  • Desert Hill
  • Sea Side
  • Big Island
  • The Sky
  • Iced Land
  • Pipe Maze
  • Castle of Bowser (Koopa)

Mario (Gold) costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC

The names from SMA4 can be found here. They are the same as in Super Mario All-Stars, with the exception of Castle of Koopa (changed to Bowser's Castle, but it shouldn't be merged with the existing Bowser's Castle article). --Grandy02 07:01, 5 May 2010 (EDT)

Super Mario Bros. 3: Flying Racoon[edit]

What's the source for the reputed Japanese title "Super Mario Bros. 3: Flying Racoon"? I never read that the game had any subtitle. There are no useful Google results for the title Koopalmier added. If there is no reliable source, it should be removed again. --Grandy02 06:36, 17 November 2008 (EST)

Difference between box art and game...[edit]

I was only 7 or 8 when I first got this game, but I have an excellent memory and seem to remember something on the back of the box (I live in the U.S., so presumably the U.S. version) that wasn't in the game. It was one of those flying turtles that you see a lot of in World 5 (NOT a regular Koopa), set against a red sky backdrop. Anybody else remember this and/or wonder or know what it is?Thefonz003 21:08, 23 January 2011 (EST)thefonz003 They are called Parabeetles. By the way, in the game's first version, there are pictures not from the game but from the beta version of the game, such as a map. However,the green level with the Parabeetles is not in the beta, nor in the final version. Kelton2 Supermariofan I GOTTA PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! User: Kelton2!!! 16:02, 25 March 2012 (EDT) 16:02, 25 March 2012 (EDT) Kelton, I wasn't asking what they were called. I was asking if you or anyone else knew anything about the level...the sky was red and I think the Parabeetles were also looks very similar to the finished version of 5-6. Does anyone have a scan of the back of the original box? Thefonz003 (talk) 22:23, 23 August 2013 (EDT) Here we go.

Use of World names.[edit]

Recently, my edit to use the now-conventional world names was undone one this basis: "Undo revision 950598 - This is the original NES version. We refer the worlds to their ORIGINAL names."

However, I find this to be faulty reasoning. My edits DID use the original names. Not only in Japanese editions, but initial English releases as well. The "Land" theme was only found in the later International NES re-release, so THOSE are the alternate names. Their individual pages have also finally gone with their traditional names (with the exception of Dark Land). As long as they are noted in the article anyway, I see no point of conflict other than simply preference.

But I thought I should ask the rest of the Wiki. Which name should be prominent in the article, and why? LinkTheLefty 10:46, 18 February 2011 (EST)

Whoever reverted that was wrong. We are supposed to use the latest name according to MarioWiki:Naming. In this article's case, we should mention both, but use the newer name with more priority.--Knife (talk) 12:45, 18 February 2011 (EST)

Ah, okay, so the Wiki does use the most recent name (luckily, most of these have the benefit of being both the original and the most recent, so I have no qualms). However, what would be considered the most recent names for Ocean Side / Sea Side and Castle of Koopa / Bowser's Castle? Would they be based off the Game Boy Advance port, or the All-Stars re-release on the Wii? Additionally, should there be attention to rename the Dark Land article? LinkTheLefty 13:17, 18 February 2011 (EST)


I might not be looking hard enough but i can't seem to find an article on the matching mini game from Super Mario Bros. 3 Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)

Should we add USA and Japan version difference? --Mario is waiting for his pasta. 11:10, 17 June 2011 (EDT)

Sales Speak[edit]

Im PMK. Welcome back for another Sales Speak. The original has 17.28 and the GBA remake has 5.2. What should I do next?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Paper Mario Kart (talk).

Verb Tense[edit]

Why exactly is the verb tense all messed up? In one paragraph, I'm seeing both past and present tenses. I'm going to fix this... Arceus79 18:17, 24 March 2012 (EDT)

More information?[edit]

I think that there needs to be more information on the development. There is somewhere from 2-5 sentences of text. Sorry about my multiple subjects, I'm trying to get this article ready to be nominated to be the featured article. Arceus79 18:26, 24 March 2012 (EDT)

I've found that what needs to be fixed is:

- More information in development.
- Some information/images for enemies.
- Upload more media

If you think there is more, please add to the list above. struck out things have already been completed. Arceus79 18:39, 24 March 2012 (EDT)

I think there should be more Media files. When I get time, I'll upload more! 'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits)

PRG0 and PRG1[edit]

Apparently, there are two versions of the NTSC rom. But the question is "What's the Difference?" --Arima 20:32, 6 May 2012 (EDT)

The changes are explained here: Deezer (talk)


I remember reading in Nintendo Power that there were talks for a Super Mario Bros 4 (circa 1992) should this be added into the article? (Wikipedia adds similar things into articles and no one complains)
The preceding unsigned comment was added by BowsersChildhoodFriend (talk).

Just because Wikipedia does some bad stuff (they aren't perfect) doesn't mean we should. If you're going to add talks for a Super Mario Bros. 4, this isn't really the right article to do it; it's more fitting for, say, the vaporware article or the Mario series article. If there's no reference for that information, however, please don't add it. BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 23:57, 25 September 2015 (EDT)
Don't forget that Super Mario World is also known as Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan.--Mister Wu (talk) 18:33, 26 September 2015 (EDT)


Some images on this page are from all three of the different releases of this game. I think we should stick to one version, as it will make the page look nicer IMO. Not to mention, I'm not too fond of the animated sprites in the enemies section. As for the animation goes, just look at the bosses section. Some are facing opposite directions and waving their wands at different times. Some of them aren't even animated. To stay consistent, I think we should stray away from animated sprites completely. Anyone else agree with me or is it just me? DKPetey99DKPetey99TCE

Absolutely not. Animated sprites are better, as they show more about what the enemy does. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 02:14, 10 January 2018 (EST)

To add VG Atlas maps to the levels from this game?[edit]

Is this possible? If it is, I'll work on it. --DyeffersonAz Signature (talk) 14:37, 3 September 2018 (EDT)

I believe it's possible, as there are already a few level articles with maps. Blue Yoshi from Yoshi's Story Yoshi Egg 1990 Red Yoshi holding a Bumber 'Chute 14:40, 3 September 2018 (EDT)
So I think I'll upload this in my spare time. Letting the credits of the work to the maintainers! --DyeffersonAz Signature (talk) 14:50, 3 September 2018 (EDT)

List of items[edit]

I have noticed that Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario World have each a section listing the usable and/or carriable items and powerups, but this article doesn't. The closest thing would be the section listing Mario's and Luigi's powerups (EDIT: to clarify, the characters' powerup forms, not the items giving them those forms), but that still excludes objects like the ankle, the recorder and the cloud. Would it be acceptable to include a dedicated list of items here? -- 20:46, October 28, 2021 (EDT)

You know, guys, just telling me a "no" would have been enough. I don't undertstand why nobody answered. -- 23:12, November 14, 2021 (EST)
That would probably be a good idea, I'm surprised it's not here to begin with. Apologies for the late response, sometimes talk page messages unfortunately fly under the radar for a while. --Waluigi's head icon in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Too Bad! Waluigi Time! 13:49, January 31, 2022 (EST)
I don't understand what "ankle" means here. 14:49, January 31, 2022 (EST)
I think they meant the Anchor. --Waluigi's head icon in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Too Bad! Waluigi Time! 15:03, January 31, 2022 (EST)

Fourth game in the series??[edit]

This says:

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a platform action-adventure game for the Famicom and NES and is the fourth installment in the Super Mario series.

Is there a Super Mario Bros. 2 1/2?? If so, what is it?? Or, is Mario Bros. being counted as the first game?? 13:44, January 31, 2022 (EST)

It's counting Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. --Waluigi's head icon in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Too Bad! Waluigi Time! 13:45, January 31, 2022 (EST)