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Is this confirmed? I don't have the game, so I'm not sure if Silver is unlockable or not, or if he is even in the game at all. To those who have finished the game, have you actually unlocked Silver? My Bloody Valentine

Well, in Ing say it. Xpike the hedgehog

What? My Bloody Valentine
Nothing about this character in Gamefaqs... click!. And in the forums, Silver and DK are confirmed as a "fake". click!--Caith Sith 17:46, 17 November 2007 (EST)
So, delete or not? My Bloody Valentine
Delete. If Silver is really in the game, we can make an article later.--Caith Sith 12:32, 18 November 2007 (EST)

And how do you know that message is fake? Xpike the hedgehog

Do you have Silver unlocked in you game? can you take a picture?
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It's confirmed as a fake, the guy who started the rumor admited it was a fake on Gamefaqs, This article has nothing to do with Mario
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Full article[edit]

He's made 4 cameos. That's not enough to merit an article, but still... what would be? HyperToad

He needs to have a more direct role in the game, even a little dialogue should do. Remember our rule on crossover characters? We can only write about what has been revealed in the Mario games.--Knife (talk) 23:27, 9 October 2009 (EDT)

Let's wait till the 12th when the game comes out. I'm not getting it becuase I'm getting Explorers of the Sky.--FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!

The fact that he's a playable character in a Mario game should be notable enough. Also, Silver interacts with Yoshi in the GamesCon trailer by giving him a high five. Luigifan95 09:58, 10 October 2009 (EDT)


In case anybody needs to ask, there's a screenshot of him in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. He was confirmed alongside with Bowser Jr. Please note, he does not have a character profile at the moment. If you go to "Media" and go to "Wii screenshots" there are gameplay pictures of him and Bowser Jr. Luigifan95 15:36, 12 August 2009 (EDT) Can you send the links? I don't get what you mean by go to Media. Goombob Mini Goomba 20:49, 11 July 2013 (EDT)