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Anybody notice similarities between the Shroob's invasion and War of the Worlds? An advanced alien race leaves they're dieing wasteland of a planet with plans to invade and collonise a younger, weaker planet. -- Sir Grodus

Also, they are near-invincible, but are destroyed by something harmless. (Bacteria and Baby tears. not the #2 most harmful substances in the world) Max2

Hhhhhhhhmmmmm...Never thought about that. User:Gofer


Is the name really conjectural? It's called the "Shroob planet" (note the capitalization) at least once in the game. (On a related note, Kylie Koopa seems to simply call it "Shroob" once, but I think she was just making up a snappy newspaper headline...) YELLOWYOSHI398

I just realized that and came to fix it. Thanks for noting this so long ago!! Stumpers! 03:03, 30 June 2008 (EDT)