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Are there any place articles needed?

The lands in Luigi's adventure from Paper Mario 2.
- Yoshi Mastar


Are the world 1-8 articles needed? There different in every game! I want to delete them, but I wont till i get the O.K. - User: Ultimatetoad

Check PipeProject: Levels for the format of creating levels for different games. I believe we are missing quite a few. -- Son of Suns

O.k., but we need them to say World 1: 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4

and I'm not sure it should just say "Many Games"

Section needs expanding...[edit]

Aright, the Places section needs expanding and I'm already halfway there; are there are things that are needed to be removed like the Wario Places from Wario World, obviously it needs to be moved into a sub-section, Right? Here's a list that will be included when it is expanded and things that will not be included for reasons...

Places that will be included[edit]

  • Race Courses
  • Courts (from Mario Power Tennis)
  • Rooms (from Luigi's Mansion, on special occasions)
  • Areas like in RPG games
  • Specific Levels (on special occasions)
  • Non-Game Locations (includes the TV shows series, not DK animated series!!)

Places that will not be included[edit]

  • Wario Places
  • DK Places (probably covered that)
  • Yoshi Places

Here some reasons why other places will not be included…

  • 1) It didn't came from a Mario Game.
  • 2) It has to contain Mario playable in it; for instance, if you heard a place called Dinasour Land that Yoshis and Mario is in it, it cam be included...Or if Mario appears in SMW2, and one of the Yoshis is the player, the place will not be included.
  • 3) On special occasions like Lugi's Mansion, it is obvious that Luigi is playable like Mario because Luigi is with Mario all the time (maybe not all the time) like in SMB, SMB2, or SMB3.

If you want to respond here about something that is wrong, I'll be responding that soon as possible RAP.pngRAP...

Wario Places, Donkey Kong Places, and Yoshi Places should all have their own articles with links to this main page. -- Son of Suns
True, then it is settled. Plus, it is MAJORITY UPDATED!! RAP.pngRAP...
Like Wayoshi says, Yoshi is too Marioish to have a different wiki, different pages (like Yoshi Characters, Yoshi Enemies ect.) so I just don't want Yoshi Places to be an article. The rest is fine. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

Smash Bros.[edit]

do we add Smash Bros. Stages??? Max2 (talk)

Indeed. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

so... yes? Max2 (talk)


How are we supposed to sort articles starting with "The" in this list? Should they all go under T, or should we sort them by the letter after "the"? Time Questions 09:42, 26 August 2009 (EDT)


The word 'Locations' sounds worlds more professional than 'Places'
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Nesdustin (talk).

Revert irritating DK places change[edit]

I don't know who did it, but in the later letters on the list - R, S and T are the ones I noticed, but there may be more - all the Donkey Kong places are grouped at the end, in their own, mini-alphabet. This is annoying and makes things harder to find, and especially hard when you're trying to place certain locations in the list and then you realise you've accidentally put it in the middle of the DK places. Can someone please revert it? It would make things generally easier to access.

Thanks, Quizmelon (talk) 03:03, 31 October 2016 (EDT)


Should we the add the names of each kingdom's different locations to the list? (ex. For Luncheon Kingdom there's Mount Volbono, Peronza Plaza, Meat Plateau, etc. ) I know there isn't specific pages dedicated to them but we can just redirect it back to the kingdom from which they came from until if/when there is separate pages for them. What do y'all think? --Weuxj (talk) 15:08, 10 May 2018 (EDT)

Great idea! BlueYoshiYoshisStory.png Yoshi Egg 1990 Red-yoshi-with-umbrella.jpg