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The New page for the Super Mario-Kun manga[edit]

When this page is up to the most recent volume, then we can put elements from the other page onto this one. I'm trying the best I can to supply you guys with chapter name info. I have all the chapter names for Volume 1 and with english translated names. Volumes 2 and up I just have them in Japanese writing and romaji, with only some from each translated. I plan to try and do 1 volume of chapter information per day. hope this helps you guys. Also, if you're wondering where i got the layout, I got it from the Fairy Tail wikia. Since it is wikia code, it can be used freely anywhere on wiki sites that support wikia code. DranzerX13 06:54, 26 April 2011 (EDT).

Hey, the first part of this article should be changed - you took it (almost) directly from the Super Mario-Kun article itself (as well as the See Also and References sections). Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC

Deletion or Merger[edit]

So I'm working on updating some of the information for the Super Mario-Kun manga and I honestly don't see the point of this page. It's nearly identical to the article we already have for the manga and it's incomplete. It does little except add the chapter names in Japanese and English. This page could be merged into the existing page or deleted entirely.

On the same topic, I'd like to create pages for each individual volume, so we can go into greater detail about the stories covered in each book (I'd do it on one page, but 43 volumes worth of story is a bit much for one article). Any thoughts on that? Do we have a suitable infobox? I'm new to this wiki so I don't really know what standard procedure for new projects is around here... Embyr 75  --Talk-- 19:04, 11 September 2014 (EDT)

The Nintendo Comics System and DKC cartoon/DIC Mario cartoons have their issue/episode listing on the main page, so yeah, this is pointless

AFAIK, there's currently no infoboxes for comic issues or any "paper" media, though nothing prevents you from creating one. If you have any question on how to go around this, you can ask a staff member or create a thread on this forum board. --Glowsquid (talk) 20:58, 11 September 2014 (EDT)