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Unknown Jingle[edit]

I found out where the unknown jingle came from. It's played once you've completed every single puzzle in the game. I just recently beat the game and heard the jingle and thought I should change it. I found a video with the jingle after completing the final puzzle (timestamped):

I'm not sure what to name it, but I named it "300 Complete" since that's what's displayed when you hear the jingle, and it's also shown once you've completed all 300 puzzles. I don't think I can easily change the file's name but I thought it would be appropriate to at least change the title of the jingle displayed. I apologize if I was too hasty with this and named it without mentioning anything, but I thought it needed a name change given it wasn't unknown anymore. This is my first time editing a wiki because I've never seen something like this before, so I apologize if I've done things I shouldn't have on a wiki. I'm not even sure how to format this right.
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