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How I translated Japanese flavor text[edit]

Since I received a request to tell how I'd translated Japanese flavor text from a certain User, let me publicize here.
「あそこにかくしてあるクリボーのくつ」is literally translated like "Goomba's Shoe hidden over there". 「 マリオにみつけられないようにしなきゃ!」is extremely difficult to translate directly, so I convert this phrase into (nearly) equivalent one: 「マリオが見つけられなさそうな場所に動かさなきゃ!」. Now, it is possible to do a direct translation: "I gotta move The Shoe to the place where Mario faces difficulty to find!" Literal translation is now prepared but I do not like strict direct translations, so I loosen the product here a bit. That's how I'd made the current translation.
--Goolgenerade 08:31, 7 November 2015 (EST)