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Is this an in-game name? The manual simply calls them "coins" in the score tally section... Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 19:46, April 11, 2020 (EDT)

According to this game script, one of the Message Blocks calls them "coins". I can also confirm that the Player's Guide and official website also call them coins, and the Japanese name is 「コイン」 in equivalent manual page 15. LinkTheLefty (talk) 11:48, April 12, 2020 (EDT)
Update: in the Japanese version of that Message Block text (which describes the hopping variety from ? Blocks and ? Bubbles), as well as under ? Block on page 12 of the Shogakukan guide, it is known as 「コインちゃん」 (Koinchan, Coin-chan). LinkTheLefty (talk) 16:46, April 13, 2020 (EDT)