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The name of the Halfpipe-style boost ramp in the PRIMA guide[edit]

The PRIMA guide of Mario Kart Wii has a name for this kind of ramps: they are known as Vertical Dash Panels. Since the current name comes from the official sites, which are actually a more direct source, should we strictly follow the naming policy and use the PRIMA name? Or should we start a discussion on the priorities of naming, now that Nintendo is directly releasing more media (official sites, official videos)?--Mister Wu (talk) 17:57, 10 April 2018 (EDT)

Ah, this page slipped my mind after the amendment to MW:Naming. Since the current references refer to them in three different obviously general, descriptive terms, I think the page should be moved to "Vertical Dash Panel". Marie pose SMM.png Mario JC 02:49, 11 April 2018 (EDT)
"Half-pipe" makes the most sense to me, as it's arguably most simple and accurate. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 03:08, 11 April 2018 (EDT)
It's not as specific, though. Assuming the term "Vertical Dash Panel" is used consistently throughout the Prima guide (as opposed the current names which vary by source), or it's the name used in an in-guide list of objects or something, I'd say the more consistent name should be the page's title. Marie pose SMM.png Mario JC 06:34, 11 April 2018 (EDT)
It's in the list of Super-Quick terrains of the various tracks, and as such it's used consistently. In the descriptions of the tracks they are either named as such, though with lowercase capitalization for all words (in the list they only use uppercase for all letters, hence my mistake in the first post), or named vertical ramp (part of DK Summit) or blue dash panels (Dry Dry Ruins). They are anyway listed among the dash panels in the introduction: There are two types of "dash panels" on the courses: regular ones (picture 1) that appear on the ground and at the end of ramps, and vertical ones (picture 2) that are blue and allow you to launch upward..--Mister Wu (talk) 07:00, 11 April 2018 (EDT)

Personally, I'd be quite happy to move it to that, I did say during the initial proposal to split them off "if a shorter or more accurate official one was found, it could be renamed to that.", referring to the name. It's definitely shorter, and still official, and if it's used consistently it seems more likely to be the official term, so I think a rename is fine. I think we should still leave the other names in as other things it's referred to as, though, just in the brackets at the start of the article. BBQ Turtle (talk) 08:52, 11 April 2018 (EDT)

“Half-pipe” in Mario Kart Tour[edit]

In Mario Kart Tour, when jumping out of an half pipe, the action is named Half-pipe. first of all, the action is displayed specifically when jumping, not when touching the Dash Panel, secondly the name might be referring to the structure as a whole, of which the Dash Panel is just a part. Since we don't seem to have a page for the Half-pipes but only for these Dash Panels, should we change both the name of the page and its focus, now that we have an in-game name?--Mister Wu (talk) 04:30, October 21, 2020 (EDT)

I think we should move the page to talk about both the half-pipe panels (which we can still refer to as "vertical dash panels") as well as the action of a half-pipe. The "action name" is a little ambiguous, though that's a good point that it pops up after leaving the vertical dash panel rather than when first touching it. And since the structure and action are intrinsically linked to each other, they can afford to be on the same page. MarioComix (talk) 21:42, October 21, 2020 (EDT)
Since I happened to notice this detail in Mario Kart Tour, I tested it on Mario Kart Wii as well: in both games the vertical dash panels aren't really dash panels, when you touch them you don't get any speed boost, they only signal the places where you can jump vertically. In this sense, they're like the anti-gravity panels not really causing the anti-gravity switch but rather signaling the beginning of an anti-gravity section in Mario Kart 8. The internal name of the panels in Mario Kart Tour is HalfPipe as well. At this point, using Half-pipe both is following the naming policy (that prompts us to prioritize in-game names) and is using a more appropriate term, since vertical dash panel is misleading (I guess it was the best term that the writer could think at the time, not knowing the details of how the game worked).--Mister Wu (talk) 19:43, October 24, 2020 (EDT)