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Should this be merged with the normal Donkey Kong Jr. article? As far as I see it the gameplay and plot are virtually identical (save Donkey Kong by climbing up the screen and unlocking the cage), so why are the articles seperate? We could easily desribe this Game & Watch off-shoot in a section of the normal DK Jr. article and it'd make navigation easier too. Plus this is a stub, and stubs are bad. - Walkazo

I did my best to beef up the article, but I don't think it should be merged. It would create some confusion with the other Game & Watch games, and the games are actually much more different than most people give them credit for, especially the Modern version. Of course, I'm new to this, so your call, but that's what I think.- Goombachi

"Donkey Kong Jr. is the Game & Watch edition of Donkey Kong Jr."[edit]

Doesn't this sentence sound awkward to read? Should it be something like "This version of Donkey Kong Jr. is the Game & Watch edition of the arcade game Donkey Kong Jr."? ThePokémonGamer (talk) 10:38, 11 August 2018 (EDT)