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We have so many names here, but which one should we be using? Not the current one, since the only sources are guides and most of the other names have in-game or manuals for sources. I've also noticed some inconsistency in how bonus levels/areas/whatever are called on DKC level pages, and I want to rectify that. Here's the rundown of all the names and their cited sources:

  • Bonus room - Mentioned by Cranky in the first DKC and in the North American manual for Tropical Freeze. However, it's lowercase in both instances.
  • Bonus stage - Appears in the manuals for Returns 3D and the European manual for Tropical Freeze, but it's lowercase. Also appears as a voice clip in DK64.
  • Bonus Level - Appears in the manuals for the original SNES trilogy as well as Land III.
  • Bonus Area - Appears in Nintendo Power Players Guides.
  • Bonus Game - Appears in Nintendo Power.

In my opinion, it should be "Bonus Level" for the SNES trilogy and Land games, "bonus stage" for 64 and Returns, and "bonus room" for Tropical Freeze and the article itself. PMTTYD Dark Bones.pngSig.png 13:42, June 16, 2019 (EDT)

Thanks for posting. I'll resort to your suggests from now on. I've already been using bonus stage regarding dk64 Results May Vary (talk) 15:57, June 16, 2019 (EDT)