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A Green Snake from Yoshi's Story

Snakes[1] are creatures that float in the air and can be used as moving platforms in Yoshi's Story. When a Yoshi steps on one, the Snake will start flying in the air. They are only encountered in Stage 3-1: Cloud Cruising, in which they are found en masse.


Snakes come in two types: Blue Snakes[2] and Red Snakes[2]. When stepped on, both will play carnival-esque music, but the music is slightly different depending on the Snake and plays either forward or backwards, depending on the Snake's path. Should a Yoshi lose a Snake, the Yoshi could always find a new one at the original spot it was found at. Otherwise, once a Snake moves, it never stops.

Blue Snakes[edit]

Blue Snakes are the first type of Snake that is encountered, and are a greenish-blue color. When they are stepped on, the Snake will ceaselessly move diagonally in the direction it is facing. If a Yoshi were to jump and land on the Snake again, it would continue flying in the same direction. However, its incline would be inverted; for example, if it was originally going towards the top-right corner of the screen, it would then go towards the bottom-right corner. Blue Snakes have good traction, and the only time a Yoshi should fear slipping off a Snake would be if the Snake were to pass behind an object that the Yoshi couldn't pass through. Also, once reaching the top of the stage, the Snake would continue to move out of the screen. Blue Snakes come in handy when one wishes to pass through the air horizontally.

Red Snakes[edit]

Red Snakes are the second type of Snake that is encountered, and they are much trickier to control. While re-touching a Blue Snake would cause the Blue Snake to change its incline, once a Red Snake begins to ceaselessly move diagonally, re-touching it will make it change direction. Therefore, if a Red Snake were to be moving towards the top-right corner of the screen, it would then go towards the top-left corner. At least from what is seen in Yoshi's Story, Red Snakes are not known to ever go downwards. Red Snakes are very slippery creatures; if a Yoshi were to stand still on one, the Yoshi would not rise or lower, but simply slip off of the Red Snake. Therefore, to get anywhere whilst on a Red Snake, a Yoshi would have to walk on the snake in the same direction that the Snake were going. Unfortunately, the Yoshi would have to re-jump onto the Snake when it changes direction; hence, it is quite difficult to move horizontally on a Red Snake. Red Snakes come in handy when one wishes to rise through the air vertically.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビリン
From 「蛇」hebi, meaning snake.


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