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A white Nintendo DS case

Nintendo DS cases (sometimes called pouches) are protective cases specially manufactured for the Nintendo DS. They are made in a wide variety of colors, including white, pink, blue, and many more. They are generally rectangular in shape, with a plush interior; however, there are some DS cases that are hard.[1] The cases are specifically made to protect a Nintendo DS from harm; as such, by putting a Nintendo DS in a DS case, the likelihood of that DS receiving minor damage decreases while in its case. The cases can easily protect against scratches, dents, pits, and many other petty inflictions. Many DS cases have Nintendo characters, emblems, or game themes printed on them.

Types of Cases[edit]

The cases come in two different varieties.

Soft Cases[edit]

A novelty soft DS case in the form of Mario's Cap

Soft cases[2] are generally designed for keeping a DS safe while traveling. These cases can be inserted into a person's purse or backpack for easy carrying and protection for one's DS. They can also be used at home for basic protection.

Hard Cases[edit]

Hard cases[3] are generally sturdier than soft cases. They can be utilized exactly the same as the soft cases; however, the hard DS cases can protect a DS from slightly harsher inflictions. With a hard DS case, a Nintendo DS can be protected from liquid spills, light smashing, drops, and other such inflictions.