National Stadium

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The outside of the National Stadium
The inside of the National Stadium

The National Stadium (the National Indoor Stadium for all gymnastics events) is a stadium in Beijing, China which held several events during the 2008 Summer Olympics. It reprises this role in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, where it hosts the Athletics and Gymnastics events. The audience inside the stadium consists of Chaos, Flickies, Toads, Nokis, and Piantas surrounding the racetrack and field in a gigantic circle. At several intervals in the circle there are flags depicting each of the different character's faces on them. In the middle of the giant circle of fans is an oval-shaped racetrack with lines painted on it in such a way that races of 400 meters, 100 meters and 110 meters can all be played on.

National Indoor Stadium[edit]

Yoshi doing Vault in the National Indoor Stadium

The National Indoor Stadium is a massive complex of rooms, each of which houses stands full of Chaos, Flickies, Toads, Nokis and Piantas, who wave flags with the characters' faces on them, just like in the National Stadium. In the middle of the rooms, there is either a giant trampoline or a runway leading to a pole that is used for Vault.


National Stadium[edit]

National Indoor Stadium[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Estadio Nacional National Stadium