National Aquatics Center

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A view of the pool, the crowd is in the background.

The National Aquatics Center is a location from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games where all events from the Aquatics category are held. It is based on the actual location in Beijing, China. The stadium is gigantic and filled with Toads, Flickies, Piantas and Chaos all cheering on a team in a rectangular formation. There are flags of each and every character waving around in the audience showing which groups support which character. In the very middle of the stadium is a giant swimming pool which has been divided up into eight different lanes with diving boards at the beginning and lane ropes in between for the swimmers to swim in when the race begins. The characters line up behind the diving board and when it is their turn to dive in, they go up to the front, bend over and jump. They must then swim to the end of the swimming pool, do a switch turn off the wall, and swim back to the diving board. If it is 4x100m Freestyle then the next player must dive in and continue the race unless they are the last in which case the race can just end.