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A Megaflash Infinijump sticker.

Megaflash is an immensely powerful and large sticker variation in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Their background is similar to that of Flashy stickers, though the rainbow stripes go sideways and the colors aren't as sharp. They are the exact opposite of Big Shiny stickers in trying to find them; they are only found hidden in a few levels instead of primarily in shops. All Jump and Hammer stickers have a Megaflash variation. Megaflash stickers are so large that only two can fit on a single Album page.



  • The Megaflash Hurlhammer is the only Megaflash sticker found in more than one level; in Shy Guy Jungle and Chomp Ruins.
  • The Megaflash Jump is the only Megaflash sticker found behind a Secret Door.
  • The Megaflash Hammer is the only Megaflash sticker that is supposed to be peeled off of a wall; all other Megaflash stickers are found inside ? Blocks. Also, it takes longer to peel it off, similar to Thing stickers or peeling stickers on ice.
  • The Megaflash Clone Jump is the most valuable item in stores.