Mechanical Cricket

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Toad on top of a mechanical cricket.

Mechanical crickets[1] (called mechanical grasshoppers in the PAL region[2]) are robotic vehicles resembling crickets that appear in Mario Party: Island Tour, in the minigame called Quickest Cricket. They have curved heads with fixed antennae and shiny beady eyes, as well as a tiny seed-shaped thorax that serves as saddle for the player. The front legs are small whilst the back legs are much bigger and they imitate those of real world crickets - the legs, as well as enabling the robot to hop. This helps the character advance through the track. The move can be done by pulling and releasing the Circle Pad on the Nintendo 3DS.


  1. ^ Their name comes from the North American version of Mario Party: Island Tour, where they are referred to as such in the in-game description of the minigame, Quickest Cricket: "Race to the finish atop a mechanical cricket.".
  2. ^ Here, the minigame Quickest Cricket is called Grasshopalong, and the instructions for the game state the following: "Navigate your mechanical grasshopper through the course to reach the finish line.".