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King K. Rool[edit]

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  1. Raven Effect (talk) I disagree those sections are short because there is little info that can be added since they first 3 are pretty much the same as the Donkey Kong Country games with twists on the plot (except Land 2) and barrel blast is just a racing game with out a plot so there isn't much info that can be added to his appearance. And with the tense I think most articles are written in mixed tense so it's not a big deal.
  2. MarioSmasher (talk) –Per the above person.
  3. Spenzer66 (talk) Why Unfeature?
  4. Commander Code-8 (talk) A lot of people look at a short section and immiedietly cry "Unfeature!" when the reason the sections are short is because there isn't a huge amount of content available in that particular game. In most sidescrolling games (in this case the Donkey Kong Land trilogy) the final boss will usually only appear at the start and the end of the game and info for racing game is fairly minimal because they have no storyline.

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@Raven Effect Yea, does Mario Kart have a plot? No. But there is a lot of info about them in character articles. Koopa K (talk)

This is from the Wario article Wario later appears in Mario Kart Wii, where he is classified as a large character. In that game, Wario features a small weight bonus and a small off-road bonus. However, he gets a strong mini-turbo bonus as well. Oddly enough, when Wario rides on bikes, he still wears his default overalls instead of wearing his WarioWare outfit. now compare that to the King K. Rool article In Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, K. Rool makes an appearance as a secret playable character, riding in a vehicle resembling a rocket-powered barrel and using his claw as his attack. He is unlocked by playing Challenge 31 of Candy's Challenges, and winning; his main rival in the game is Cranky Kong. He is the only character in the game who does not ride with barrels attached to him (he rides on a TNT Barrel, but his controls are still the same). Also you can't say there isn't enough info when that's the only info from the game. Raven Effect (talk)
It is still written in past tense in some places, FAs must be written in present tense. Koopa K (talk)
Which rule says that? Raven Effect (talk)
Rule 1 says it must be well-written. I don't think mixed tense is well-written. Koopa K (talk)
So that's the way you interpret that rule I don't interpret the rule that way, also if you notice these problems (especially the tense one) and they bug you why don't you fix them? Raven Effect (talk)
I can only fix the tense one, I don't have any DK games. I will try and fix it. You yourself did say that DK Land 2 was the only one that wasn't a almost-copy of the DKC games. I still think that is short. I think the MKW section of the Wario article is lacking info about his bike and his course. I'm not saying overflow it with info on those, just mention them. Koopa K (talk)
You need to remember the only real difference between DKL and DKC (besides some enemies and bosses) is that the game was set up by Cranky which is already mentioned in the article, DKL2 is basically the same game as DKC2, and DKL3 is basically the same plot except they are looking for the lost world and the Kemelings being part of it isn't known until you find them in the lost world so all 3 of those games contain the info they need, while DKBB I believe is different from MK because the characters don't have individual courses so the section contains all the info it's gonna get. Raven Effect (talk)
Let me guess, no stats in DKBB? Koopa K (talk)
[1]. Raven Effect (talk)
Shouldn't there be a mention of that in the DKBB section? Koopa K (talk)
There can be but it's not 100% necessary since it's in the section for official profiles and statistics. Raven Effect (talk)
Well, the MK sections usually mention the stats (as seen in your quote) Koopa K (talk)
So add them if you want to. Raven Effect (talk)
I am. Koopa K (talk)

Can this be deleted? It was my mistake and I don't see the point of continuing it. Koopa K (talk)

Ask a sysop if you want to delete this Commander Code-8 (talk)
I don't want to delete the whole page, I just want to have it fail and get archived, does a sysop have to do that as well? Koopa K (talk)