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In Super Smash Bros. Brawl there is a certain thing called The Subspace Emmisarry. There is millions of levels and duke it out with Mario,Link,Kirby & the others. The first stage is called Walktrough. You brawl it with Mario,Peach,Zelda & Kirby. The first battle in the subspace emmisarry pits Mario & Kirby. You have a selection between them. It is just a standard stock battle with one life. Defeat Kirby or Mario. Then select between an order between Mario,Peach,Zelda and Kirby to battle the primids and other weak enimies (Later you find very hard ones). Then Mario gets shot by a bullet. The Ancient Minister comes down and reveals a subspace bomb. Instantlly Zelda & Peach get trapped in cages with the unloved boss from 2002 Petey Pirhana. You must hit one of the cages with Kirby. Once you have defeated Petey Pirhana,Wario comes from above. The cage you didn't choose will be shot by a Dark Cannon and Wario will take the trophy he shot and go back up. By this time the Bomb was at 8 seconds left. Kirby and eathier princess will survive by Kirby's warpstar. You then go onto the next level

("And how is this showing us to make a website!" - Grapes (talk))