Mariachi Guy

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Sticker Star Enemy
Enemy Name
Mariachi Guys.jpg
The three Mariachi Guys (from back to front): Accordion Guy, Sombrero Guy and Maraca Guy.
Max HP 45 (15 each)
Attack 15
Moves Heal HP by 10, increase number of attacks, Sombrero hit.
Stickers N/A

Mariachi Guys[citation needed] are a variant of Shy Guys that appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They are found in World 2, the desert world, appearing in all levels except Damp Oasis. Mariachi Guys wear sombreros and wield either a accordion, a guitar or maracas. They will be fought as enemies and depending on which instrument is played, their defense, attack power or HP is increased. They'll otherwise attack by throwing their sombreros at Mario. If all three are played, all three will throw their sombreros at Mario. If they are not defeated, they will provide assistance to other enemies fought in the area by playing a song that will act much the same as before. A sombrero sticker can be obtained from Mariachi Guys and when using it in battle, Mario will gain a sombrero to attack enemies with it.


  • When the player gets close to a Mariachi Guy, they play their instrument along with the level theme.