List of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episodes featuring Mario

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This is a list of episodes from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 which feature Mario.


Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas[edit]

Mario on the Royal Parrot

In Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad attend a meeting with Prince Hugo and the Royal Parrot in Giant Land. Prince Hugo informs them that the giant ninja Koopalings have destroyed his armies. Mario and Luigi jumps in a Warp Pipe to attempt to defeat the Koopalings. Mario and Luigi fend off the Angry Sun and go to Prince Hugo's castle. After arriving, however, a giant Big Mouth Koopa blows Mario away, seizes Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad, and throws them inside the Royal Parrot's cage while tossing out the parrot. Kooky von Koopa and Cheatsy Koopa grabs Prince Hugo and transforms him into a miniature poodle. Bully Koopa attempts to grab Mario, but Mario escapes by riding on the Royal Parrot. The Koopalings take their prisoners to King Koopa. After the Koopalings leave, Mario and the Royal Parrot arrive at the prisoners. Mario mixes the jewels on the wands that govern the powers of them. When King Koopa comes, Mario demands him that he should free Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad, and Prince Hugo. Big Mouth takes him and King Koopa shoots him with one of his wands. However, since Mario previously mixed them, Mario transforms to a gigantic, ninja version of him. Mario frees his friends. Princess Toadstool acquires one of Bowser's wands and shrunk all the Koopalings to their original sizes while Luigi transforms Prince Hugo to normal. King Koopa and the Koopalings retreat after this. At the end, Prince Hugo thanks Mario and friends while Mario transforms back to normal. The Royal Parrot, however, is displeased with his wrecked cage and uses a King Koopa's wand to turn huge and chase Mario.

Reptiles in the Rose Garden[edit]

Reptiles in the Rose Garden
Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad in front of the White House

In Reptiles in the Rose Garden, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad see King Koopa's Doom Ship flying to the real world. However, King Koopa uses Chain Chomps to capture them. The reason King Koopa is heading to the real world is that it is Kootie Pie Koopa's 16th birthday and she wants America for her birthday. The Doom Ship arrives at Washington, D.C. to kidnap the President by beaming up the White House. Kootie Pie then announces the new "laws" over the U.S. In order to escape, Princess Toadstool makes the Fire Brothers fight the Boomerang Brothers while using their firing from them to break the Chain Chomps' chains. The Doom Ship beams down the White House into the Mushroom Sea where the President may never be rescued.

Mario, using his frog suit, swims to the bottom of the ocean while avoiding many obstacles to the White House. Mrs. President, who mistakes him for a member of the Secret Service, greets him. Mario goes to the basement and uses a value that raises the house to the surface. After realizing that King Koopa will attack London, Paris, and Brooklyn, Mario and Luigi disguised themselves as Sledge Brothers and sneak on the Doom Ship. However, the Sledge Brothers are not fooled. Despite this, Mario and Luigi manage to enter the engine room to control the Doom Ship. Mario first beams down the White House on top of the Washington Monument by mistake, but he quickly corrects this. While Kootie Pie is throwing a temper tantrum, Mario beams her down in a Warp Pipe that leads her to Castle Koopa. Mario and Luigi later destroys the Doom Ship. At the end, Kootie Pie gets "the present she deserves" when King Koopa orders her to do chores.

Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario[edit]

Queen Mushroomkhamen, holds Mario, whom she thinks is her son, Prince Mushroomkhamen.

When Mario is first seen in Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario, he wakes from a nap inside Toad's holiday house in Desert Land. A Mushroom boy runs to Mario, screaming that a mummy is rampart in the Desert Land. Mario wants to stop this mummy, who is Queen Mushroomkhamen, enraged at her son, Prince Mushroomkhamen's kidnapping. Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad meet her terrorizing the inhabitants at a bazaar. Mario wants to calm her, but she tosses a tent on him. Princess Toadstool tells Mario and gang why Queen Mushroomkhamen is so upset after observing Hip and Hop Koopa take Prince Mushroomkhamen's sarcophagus. She goes with Luigi and Toad to chase after Hip and Hop while Mario attempts to calm the queen.

However, since Mario bears a great resemblance to Prince Mushroomkhamen, the queen mistakes him for her son. She carries Mario back to her pyramid telling that he is never going to be lost again. After the queen takes Mario to the tomb, the queen decides that Mario needs a 10-thousand-year-old nap and wraps him in a canvas and places him in her case. Soon, she falls asleep. Mario decides to escape by breaking through the wall of the pyramid. However, in his attempt, he wakes up Queen Mushroomkhamen. He meets Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad, who has the sarcophagus. The queen smashes through the tomb. Princess Toadstool tells the queen that this is a mix-up and shows the queen the sarcophagus. The queen scolds Mario for being a fake Prince Mushroomkhamen. At the end to episode, the queen remarks how Luigi looks like her husband and chases him along with Mario and gang.

The Beauty of Kootie[edit]

Luigi transformed into Kassanova Koopa

Mario and Luigi in The Beauty of Kootie arrive in the Sultan's palace located in Desert Land. They need to fix the bath tub, which has oil flowing into it. The Sultan's palace is located over an oil well. The oil flowing into the bathtub is a result of crossing pipes between one that leads to the Sultan's oasis and another that leads to his oil well. Cheatsy Koopa and Kootie Pie Koopa are behind this, fueling their Doom Ship with the oil and using pipes from the oasis. Before the Mario Bros. arrives, Cheatsy comes with a plan that transforms Kootie Pie into a human to distract Mario. However, the transformation is not perfect because Kootie Pie's tail is still present. Kootie Pie quickly hides her tail, but Luigi detects it before it is too late. Mario falls in love with Kootie Pie's human form, which Kootie Pie refers to as "Lady Fetuccini [sic] Alfredo".

Lady Fetuccini tells everyone to come in the basement in case the palace may explode. The Sultan, the guard, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad are led in the basement, but Lady Fetuccini quickly locks them in. She demands Cheatsy to return to her original form. When Mario realizes that Lady Fetuccini is Kootie Pie Koopa, Kootie Pie sprays them with oil. Mario and Luigi open a Warp Pipe and escape the basement. While Kootie Pie is taunting the prisoners, Mario and Luigi took Cheatsy's wand and transforms Luigi into a Koopa who refers himself as Kassanova Koopa to deceive Kootie Pie Koopa. Kootie Pie, deceived, frees the prisoners and makes a living room for her and Kassanova Koopa. However, her wand is accidentally activated, reverting Kassanova Koopa to Luigi. Kootie Pie and Cheatsy, outraged, chases Luigi upstairs. Mario sprays the Koopalings, King Koopa, and his minions oil. Princess Toadstool stops the King Koopa and his Fire Chomps by spraying water. Bowser retreats by the Doom Ship, where Mario proceeded by spraying it with oil. In the end, Luigi uses an abandoned magic wand to restore the palace.

Princess Toadstool for President[edit]

Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool in Princess Toadstool for President while fishing sees Toad running to them and saying that King Koopa has brought a Paragoomba swarm to Mushroom Kingdom. King Koopa intends these Paragoombas to eat all the crops in Mushroom Kingdom so the people in Mushroom Kingdom have to pay for his food. After Mario and Luigi defeats these Paragoombas, Princess Toadstool suggests that King Koopa should run an election if he has such a lust to rule the kingdom. Much to Mario's shock, King Koopa agrees. Later, mysteriously, Mario and his gang observes King Koopa in the parade, tossing out gold coins as freebies. When Mario and gang are in Toad's House, Mario and Toad are suspicious of King Koopa's nice behavior. They worry that it may help him win the election. Princess Toadstool argues about the incident at Mushroom Kingdom Founder's Day Picnic.

At the picnic, Mario and Luigi stare in shock while a firecracker sets off during Princess Toadstool's speech. The mountain of blocks collapsed after the firecracker explosion and Princess Toadstool seemingly jumps off a cliff. Later, Mario and Luigi discovers that she is hiding in a Warp Pipe. Later, Mario and Luigi spies on King Koopa, whose nice status is wearing off. Here, they discover how King Koopa became so nice: Kooky von Koopa has made the Nice Guy Potion to make King Koopa nice. Mario and Luigi follow Kooky and King Koopa's destination in Dark Land. They manage to avoid Rocky Wrenches and Tanks by jumping in a Warp Pipe, but they end up in a pit with Fire Chomps, Hot Foots and a Fire Snake. Nevertheless, they make it to the other side. Mario and Luigi arrive at Kooky's lab, located in Castle Koopa, where Kooky is preparing more Nice Guy Potions. Luigi distracts Kooky while Mario dumps the formula in the drain. Mario and Luigi escape before Kooky and Cheatsy can seize them. During the election, Princess Toadstool accuses King Koopa of using a Nice Guy Potion, but King Koopa denies it. The outcome of the election is that Princess Toadstool won by a lot of votes to one vote, the one vote being King Koopa's own; in fact, even King Koopa's children voted for Princess Toadstool.

Never Koop a Koopa[edit]

Mario and the princess shocked by a falling Dry Bones.

In Never Koop a Koopa, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad notice King Koopa and the Koopalings announcing that he is giving up by holding a white flag. King Koopa says that he is renouncing his evil ways and leaving the Mushroom Kingdom forever. He gives Princess Toadstool a key to his castle and leaves via Warp Pipe. Princess Toadstool wants to make the castle a place for elderly people, but Luigi warns her that it is a potential trap. Princess Toadstool objects and goes anyway, while Mario, Luigi, and Toad follow her.

When Mario and Princess Toadstool walk in the castle, Mario is suspicious of the place due to the falling Dry Bones and the moving eyes of the King Koopa portraits. Suddenly, the doors close and several Thwomps and Ptooies attack them. They manage to escape the ambush, but they fall in a trapdoor leading into a dungeon. King Koopa tells Princess Toadstool to sign a contract to give up the kingdom, but she refuses. He threatens her by dropping many Bob-ombs in the dungeon. Eventually, at the threat of blowing up, Princess Toadstool agrees, but only if she gets moved to the throne room and only if King Koopa wears something formal. The Sledge Brothers then toss, Mario in a wardrobe along with Luigi and Toad, who were caught previously while investigating the castle. Princess Toadstool then draws a goofy faceconveying signing the contract under the threat of her friends being trapped in the dungeon again. When Cheatsy Koopa and King Koopa leave, Princess Toadstool makes the Sledge Brothers break the wardrobe Mario, Luigi, and Toad are trapped in. They escape by finding Super Leaves and flying out the window. King Koopa realizes Princess Toadstool's trick, he storms to the bedroom where Cheatsy locks them. However, he sees Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad flying away in Raccoon Suits.

Reign Storm[edit]

Mario and Luigi receiving complaint letters.

Princess Toadstool, and Toad are leaving to the Real World for a vacation in Reign Storm. According to Mario, she is overworked and she needs a day off, but Princess Toadstool is worried about leaving her kingdom. Princess Toadstool and Toad leaves Mushroom Kingdom via a Warp Pipe to go to Hawaii. Princess Toadstool tells Mario to contact her if there is any trouble, but Mario, overconfident, tells Princess Toadstool that there will not be any trouble. After that, Mario and Luigi tell a crowd that they are opening a new dam. However, King Koopa destroys the dam with a Bob-omb. Then, Mario and Luigi receive various complaints, such as a platform stairway leading to a garbage dump and Boo Diddlies haunting the new Mushroom Shopping Mall. They confront an angry group of Mushroom Kingdom and tell the group that they will send Warp-o-grams. However, a Nipper plant mauls a Warp-o-gram Mario sends.

After that, a fake Princess Toadstool tells that she has returned from her vacation, with Toad staying behind for another week. Shortly, Mario and Luigi see the fake Princess Toadstool ordering a new highway built of quicksand and the Mushroom Kingdom Fire Department removing all Fire Flowers. When Mario and Luigi want to talk with the fake Princess Peach, they see it hugging King Koopa. It tells that it is going to give the kingdom to King Koopa, and that Mario and Luigi are expelled. Soon, the fake Princess Toadstool is about to crown King Koopa king of Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi wonder why the fake Princess Toadstool does not have a suntan. They see the real Princess Toadstool and Toad crash in the wall with wave. Princess Toadstool takes the crown from King Koopa with a harpoon. She scares away Kooky and King Koopa, who are behing the fake Princess Toadstool.

Toddler Terrors of Time Travel[edit]

Toddler Terrors of Time Travel
Mario, as a baby, holding a hose.

The first time Mario is seen in Toddler Terrors of Time Travel, he, Luigi and Toad arrive at the Doom Ship. Toad had just alerted Mario and Luigi of King Koopa and Kooky von Koopa using time traveling to change history. They infiltrate inside a container, where a Hammer Brother unloading containers in the Doom Ship complains about how heavy it is. Eventually the Doom Ship goes into time travel, destroying the crate Mario, Luigi, and Toad are in. Before anything happens, King Koopa, Kooky, Mario, Luigi, and Toad are transformed into babies, due to a malfunctioning Time Travel Tube. The Doom Ship crashes in a vacant lot in Brooklyn. Mario, Luigi, and Toad crawls out of it, while Kooky and King Koopa are chasing them. Mario, Luigi, and Toad escape to an alley, while Kooky and King Koopa gets caught in kids' jump-ropes. Mario, Luigi, and Toad gets away by using a stroller, wagon, and skateboard. Kooky and King Koopa tries to follow them, but an elderly person, who mistakes them for regular babies stops them. However, she runs away screaming when she realizes that they are Kooky and King Koopa.

Mario, Luigi, and Toad arrive at an apartment for the drainpipe that leads to Mushroom Kingdom, telling the lady at the front door that they are plumbers. The lady does not believe them, and she places them in a bed for them to take a nap. Mario sees Kooky and King Koopa, in their normal form, due to Kooky's fixing his Time Travel Tube, going to the drainpipe. Mario, Luigi, and Toad enter a basement window and to the bathtub drainpipe. Mario, too weak to open the pipe with a wrench, suggests that he, Luigi, and Toad should reverse the apartment's water flow. After they reverse the pipes, they turn on faucets, making water spray everywhere in the apartment. Soon, the water flow stops. Mario thinks that Kooky and King Koopa stopped it. They head into a pipeline, but Kooky and King Koopa notices them and traps them in the first pipe. However, Toad makes it through before he is trapped and heads through a hose. After ending up in an alley, he follows Kooky and King Koopa to the Doom Ship. He uses a parascope to snatch the Time Travel Tube and directs the beam at Mario and Luigi. After being reverted to their adult selves, Mario and Luigi unclog all the pipes quickly. They warp in the drain to Mushroom Kingdom. They stop King Koopa from usurping the kingdom while King Koopa retreats by escaping into a pipe.


Mario and his friends appear out of a Warp Pipe.

In the next episode Dadzilla, Mario and Toad notices a Doom Ship crashing. Kootie Pie Koopa and Big Mouth Koopa are driving this ship, who are tired by the way King Koopa treats them. They believe that they are adopted and that their real father is in Hollywood. The Doom Ship continues destroying objects, even the roof of Toad's House, before entering the warp pipe. Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad decide to follow the Doom Ship.

They come out of a warp pipe in Hollywood, shortly after Kootie Pie and Big Mouth made Madzilla, their "father" come to life. Madzilla, whom Kootie Pie orders, attacks Mario. Mario uses his fire powers, but Kootie Pie removes them with her wand. Madzilla chases the gang in the garage, but Kootie Pie and Big Mouth have better interests. After being chased, Mario notices a female dinosaur head, which comes from a movie "Revenge of Madzilla's Mom". The gang decides to make a phony female dinosaur to distract Madzilla. They make a crude Madzilla's Mom after Kootie Pie and Big Mouth sing at the Hollywood Bowl. Mario, controlling Madzilla's mom, sees Madzilla grabbing the audience, but Mario tells him to place them down. Mario convinces Kootie Pie and Big Mouth to do a nap, then chores. Kootie Pie and Big Mouth quickly decides that their lives with King Koopa is better and leaves. Princess Peach later tells Madzilla (who is truly not evil) that he can live in Giant Land after these events.

Tag Team Trouble[edit]

Tag Team Trouble
The Sledge Brothers twirling Mario and Luigi.

Mario isn't seen in Tag Team Trouble until after Toad's cousins, who are wrestlers, are fallen asleep by Cheatsy's hypnotizing. Toad, who thinks that the 1 million coins he needs to donate for the Mushroom Orphanage is stolen, tries to use his cousins to win a wrestling match. The winnings for the match is a million coins, which Toad desperately needs. Mario and Luigi, willing to help, volunteers to wrestle for his cousins. After a vigorous workout, Mario and Luigi seem over-trained, according to Toad. Mario tells him not to worry, since the Sledge Brothers they will be wrestling are going to be beaten.

Before the wrestling match, Cheatsy realizes that the mystery team, the Masked Mashers of Mayhem, is just Mario and Luigi. He sets up booby traps to make the Sledge Brothers have even a greater chance of winning. He also starts the match beforehand by ringing the bell. During the match, Mario and Luigi fall into many booby traps, such as trap doors. Cheatsy also tugs on the cables for Mario to sling in the wrong direction. Mario and Luigi are soon fallen, but before the referee announces the winner, Princess Toadstool flings two Starmen at Mario and Luigi. With the aid, Mario and Luigi win the wrestling match. Toad happily takes the money, not realizing that the Mushroom Orphanage actually took the original bag of a million coins, not King Koopa.

Oh, Brother![edit]

The Lame Brainer on Mario.

Oh, Brother! begins with Mario playing a song on the record. Luigi, who is trying to read a book, tells Mario to turn down the music. Mario is reluctant, though. Luigi, frustrated, grabs the CD on the recorder and throws it in the fireplace. Mario and Luigi start to argue. The conflict escalates to a fight. When the fight ends, Luigi decides to abandon Mario forever and walks out the door. The outdoors weather is a torrential rainstorm. Mario decides to follow Luigi.

Soon, Mario meets Luigi. They both start arguing and fighting again. Suddenly, a hook springs out and grabs Mario by his overall strap and takes Mario in King Koopa's dungeon. Kooky is the one who caught Mario. He and King Koopa are also responsible for the rainstorm pouring in Mushroom Kingdom. Right after Mario enters the dungeon, Kooky places his newly invented Lame Brainer on Mario's head. Mario becomes a mindless drone that follows King Koopa's and Kooky's orders. When King Koopa orders Mario to fix a leak, Mario proceeds. After Mario fixes the leak, a Frog Luigi jumps out of a pipe over the basin. King Koopa orders Mario to attack Luigi. Luigi attempts to make Mario come to his senses by telling him his past experiences, but it does not work. Luigi then annoys Mario, where Mario's thoughts overload the Lame Brainer and launches it to Kooky's head. Mario orders Kooky to attack King Koopa. Mario and Luigi arrive back at Toad's House. The next day, the rainstorm subsides, since Mario and Luigi dismantles the Power Shower. Luigi says to Mario that he will never fight Mario again. However, they argue that it is their fault until they fight again.

Misadventure of Mighty Plumber[edit]

Mario, angry at a television.

In the next episode, Misadventure of Mighty Plumber Mario and Luigi are seen watching a sort of horror TV show that stars Mighty Plumber. Soon, an unnoticed Venus Fire Trap spits fire on the wall of Toad's house. The message reads Robbing Pipe Land Treasury - Dare you to stop me... Your Enemy, King Koopa! Mario decides that he and Luigi must stop King Koopa. Mario and Luigi arrive in Pipe Land to see Mighty Plumber. They ask for Mighty Plumber's autograph, but the Mighty Plumber proceeds to attack with a plunger. Mario and Luigi evade the attack, and they jump in water-filled Warp Pipe. Mighty Plumber uses a "plumber snake", but Luigi stuffs it in a smaller Warp Pipe.

Mario and Luigi follow a footprint trail that leads to a Warp Pipe. Then, they hear King Koopa talking about coin vault nearby. Luigi taunts a Venus Fire Trap which pops out of its Warp Pipe. The Venus Fire Trap bites him, but Mario uses its stem as a rope and lowers Luigi into Warp Pipe where King Koopa is inside. However, Luigi's pants rip, and Luigi falls. Luigi grabs the map the King Koopa uses to find the vault and runs away, but Mighty Plumber manages to take it back. Mario jumps in a Warp Pipe and lands on Mighty Plumber's foot and gets the plunger. Mario proceeds to throw it at King Koopa's eyes. Mario then takes King Koopa's map after a chase, King Koopa and Mighty Plumber somehow get ahead of Mario and Luigi and reach the vault. When Mario and Luigi confronts Mighty Plumber, he is alone in the vault because King Koopa abandoned him. They comfort him. Then, they use stuff a pipe into one pipe until the one pipe explodes and breaks the door. Before King Koopa can exit the maze, Mighty Plumber throws a plunger at him. King Koopa breaks the plunger and escapes. However, Mario and Luigi flood King Koopa's castle and washed away his money, where it is safely returned to the vault later. Mario tells Cheatsy Koopa to return Mighty Plumber back to his show, where he belongs.

A Toadally Magical Adventure[edit]

When Mario is first seen in A Toadally Magical Adventure, he is seen fixing a bathtub pipe. He, Toad, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool then watch the Wizard King of the West's message in the bathtub. Soon, though, it flushes in the drain. After the message, the gang arrive at the waterfall to see the Wizard King's messenger. The Koopas chase the messenger, but Mario fends them off with a Fire Flower. Toad then takes the wand in his house for safe-keeping. Mario and Luigi arrive at Toad's house after seeing stampeding blocks and pipe creatures outside. They suspect the Wizard's wand brought them to life. These blocks chase Mario, Luigi, and Toad down a cliff.

Soon, Mario, Luigi, and Toad arrives to see a picket fence growing larger around Toad's house with Princess Toadstool trapped. The pipe creatures under Bully's control seize Mario, Luigi, and Toad and juggles them. Bully then commands a Nipper plant to eat Mario them. Mario escapes a pipe creature's grip and frees Toad. Mario then tosses Toad to nearby platforms. Cheatsy tries to stop Toad, but ends freeing Princess Toadstool by destroying the picket fence. Cheatsy then focuses the pipe creatures to take Mario and Luigi. The pipe creature, however, helps Mario grab a Super Leaf and transform to Raccoon Mario, helping him to escape. Toad takes the wand King Koopa, who took it from Bully, and the Koopalings retreat. The Wizard King comes on his snail and reverts everything to normal. Toad then apologizes for causing a lot of trouble.

Misadventures in Babysitting[edit]

Mario and Luigi accidentally come into Junior (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3)'s house. Junior's mom and dad, who cannot find a babysitter due to Junior's reputation, mistaken Mario and Luigi for babysitters and leave. Mario and Luigi play Hide-and-Seek with Junior. Junior finds a Warp Pipe under the sink and transports to Mushroom Kingdom without realizing it.

Mario and Luigi search all the house until they see the Warp Pipe. They worry that Junior is in Mushroom Kingdom and warp to the place. They hear Junior crying for help, but they do no realize that he is playing. Junior soon leads Mario and Luigi in a volcano, where he and the Koopalings play a fatal trick to them. They trap Mario and Luigi in the volcano using rocks. The Koopalings then dump lava in the place Mario and Luigi are trapped. Junior, who does not know that he is endangering Mario and Luigi, gets tossed into a Warp Pipe that leads to Pipe Maze. Mario and Luigi escape from the volcano by chiseling a hole in the wall. They know that Junior is in trouble since the Koopalings betrayed him. Mario and Luigi, with the Super Leaf, manage to rescue Junior from the Pipe Maze, which is starting to flood with lava. After this, Mario plugs the volcano with a boulder. Mario, Luigi, and Junior warp back to Junior's house and makes him take a bath. Junior's mom and dad complement the potential of the Mario Bros. and wants the, to babysit Junior more.

Do the Koopa[edit]

In Do the Koopa, Mario, Luigi, and Toad helps get the Doom Dancer, which adjusts how fast or slow a person is dancing. They travel to the Dark Land's Temple of Gloom. In the Temple of Gloom, the gang fly over a wide gap using Super Leaves. They soon avoid giant spikes, but the Koopa statues remove their Raccoon power-up. The gang then evades the Dry Bones by crushing blocks and using the rubble as obstacles before reaching the room. After avoiding beam, they reach a door. Princess Toadstool tells Mario, Luigi, and Toad that the Doom Dancer is in the Inner Temple.

When Mario is about to obtain the Doom Dancer, he sets off a trip wire that the Koopalings made after eavesdropping the gang. The trap makes projectiles, such as Thwomps fall from the ceiling. Mario then retreats to his group. A Boom Boom chases the group away. Bully Koopa then seizes the Doom Dancer and forces everyone to dance. While the Doom Ship is broadcasting the music over Mushroom Kingdom, Mario uses Luigi's Plumber's Putty to block the music from his ears. He feigns dancing and tackles King Koopa. There is a fight that follows, with the result of the Doom Dancer falling from the Doom Ship and breaking on a Goomba's head. Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad escapes in a Warp Pipe while the Koopalings argue about whose fault it is.

Kootie Pie Rocks[edit]

Kootie Pie Rocks
Mario and his "band".

Mario, Luigi, and Toad get in a formal outfit for the Milli Vanilli's concert. They are startled to see Princess Toadstool dressed in a rock concert attire. In the concert, Mario and Luigi see Milli Vanilli getting beamed by a Doom Ship. King Koopa wants his daughter, Kootie Pie Koopa, to enjoy the concert by kidnapping the people. Mario decides to head Castle Koopa to save Milli Vanilli.

When they arrive in Castle Koopa, they decide to disguise as backup band players to save Milli Vanilli. They say that their name is "Backups "R" We" and offer to be Milli Vanilli's back-up band players (and telling Milli Vanilli that they will rescue them). After an attempt to play the music, Mario's band's bad music scares King Koopa, Kootie Pie, and their minions away. Milli Vanilli, thankful, back on the stage, plays a song for Princess Toadstool. However, this song is cut in later airings due to controversy.


Mario and Luigi in Mush-Rumors find out about an "alien" that has arrived in Mushroom Kingdom. After hearing the Mushroom boy's story, Mario thinks that the "aliens" are real-worlders. He and Luigi decide to investigate about this. They arrive to see a family of four that accidentally drove in Mushroom Kingdom and started the whole story.

Suddenly, King Koopa's Doom Ship appears and fires the station wagon the family is in. However, they do not hit the station wagon. Mario and Luigi pull out an inflatable raft and makes the car and the family float on the raft on the river. The Chain Chomps fly out of the Doom Ship and bite holes in the raft, sinking it. Mario and Luigi jump underwater and find a Frog Suit in a treasure chest. After avoiding Blooper Nannies and Jelectros, Mario and Luigi finds Starmen to help them destroy the Chain Chomps. However, the Doom Ship pulls the car by a magnet while Mario and Luigi watch shocked. Fortunately, for the family, Mario and Luigi manages to break a hole in the Doom Ship and free the family while switching off the Transmutational Brainwave Analyzer. Mario and Luigi helps the family leave via Warp Pipe to the amusement park the family is going to.

The Ugly Mermaid[edit]

Holly Mackerel holding Mario.

In The Ugly Mermaid, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad in their frog suits pursue the Doom Sub, trying to prevent King Koopa from transforming Mertropolis to Kooptropolis. King Koopa orders the Rocky Wrenches to throw wrenches at Mario and Luigi, but Mario and Luigi grab the wrenches and throw it back at the Doom Sub. The Doom Sub's propellers break in the process. The Doom Sub goes awry and manages to hit Mario with a beam, encasing him in a cement block. Fortunately, for Mario and his friends, Holly Mackerel arrives and saves Mario and brings he and his friends to Metropolis. When Mario is revived, Holly tells he and his friends about her fortune teller, who has forecasted that a frog prince will appear in her life. Holly believes that Mario is the prince and falls in love with him. Mario and his friends deny that Mario is her true love, and they leave her bursting in tears. Before exiting, however, due to the experience Mario had, Mario refuses to enter the water again. King Koopa, piloting his Doom Sub, returns and threatens to capture the city within twenty minutes.

While Princess Toadstool attempts unsuccessfully to make Mario enter the water, two Boomerang Brothers attack the city. Mario defeats them, but more arrive. Princess Toadstool, Luigi, and Toad leave the city trying to stop King Koopa and his Doom Sub from capturing the city. Holly and King Mackerel sees Mario and plans a wedding ceremony for him, much to his dismay. When Holly tells Mario about the citizens she has invited for the ceremony, King Koopa blasts a hole on Metropolis's protective glass dome, causing water to rush in and flood the city. Mario, overcoming his fear of water, uses a manhole to cover the hole as he escapes Metropolis. The Doom Sub releases a Chain Chomp at Mario, but Mario uses it to tear the net that has captured Princess Toadstool, Luigi, and Toad. Mario and Luigi use the net to capture a group of Jelectros. They fling the net at the Doom Ship, electrocuting and repelling it. Later, King Mackerel presents Mario with a medal for saving his city. Holly, still infatuated with Mario, places a wedding-day helmet. Unfortunately, for Holly, the glass helmet distorts Mario's face and gives Holly a bad shock. Mario and his friends head back to Mushroom Kingdom before Holly can overcome her fear.

Crimes R Us[edit]

When Mario is first seen in Crimes R Us, he is seen walking with Luigi. They are talking about how clouds can resemble familiar objects. Luigi sights the Doom Ship over a bank. Quickly realizing what the King Koopa is doing, Mario and Luigi scrambles to obtain a Super Leaf and a Fire Flower. Mario, as Raccoon Mario, hits Bully's sack and Hip and Hop with his tail. Luigi, as Fire Luigi, shoots a fireball at Big Mouth, Kooky and Cheatsy. Kootie Pie uses a scarf she has stolen and captures Mario by wrapping it around him. Bully sprays Luigi with a fire extinguisher before all the Koopalings have returned to the Doom Ship.

Later, Mario and Luigi hears a boy crying for help. He says that a Koopaling has stolen his lunch money, and he directs Mario and Luigi to a warp pipe. Mario and Luigi leaps in the warp pipe, not realizing that the Koopaling that stole the lunch money returns it to the boy while leading Mario and Luigi in a trap. While in the Pipe Maze, Big Mouth and Crime Wave Clyde, who is a human directing all the Koopalings' crimes, trap Mario and Luigi. Big Mouth sends a Boom boom to pursue them. Soon, Mario and Luigi falls in quicksand. Seemingly hopeless, Mario taunts the Boom Boom by acting like a chicken. When the Boom Boom attempts to hit him, he jumps to a ♩ Block containing a Super Leaf and rescues Luigi by flying out of the dungeon. However, Ptooies and Sledge Brothers chase them to a locked room with a Thwomp inside. Soon, Clyde, who the Koopalings driven away, pleads Mario and Luigi for help. Mario and Luigi, although angry at him for causing many trouble, agrees to help. They sneak in the vault of the Mushroom Kingdom Treasury, a spot where the Koopalings plan to steal one billion gold coins. They ambush the Koopalings and tie them in a money bag. They also tie a Bob-ombs in a money bag, which blows off a section of the Doom Ship as it flies away. Soon, Mario and Luigi return Clyde to his cell. Clyde is quite happy to be sentenced in his cell instead of hassling withe Koopalings.

Up, Up, and a Koopa[edit]

In Up, Up, and a Koopa, before Mario and Luigi can eat Toad's pancakes, everything in Toad's house begins to rise to the house's ceiling, including Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool. Toad then wonders what is happening. The Doom Ship is responsible for this, using a Kooper-Dooper Raiser-Upper ray that levitates the Mushroom Kingdom to Sky Land. King Koopa has also captured Emperor Ed of Sky Land. King Koopa, losing patience, overloads the Kooper-Dooper Raiser-Upper. While the Doom Ship is in disarray, Emperor Ed falls safely back to Mushroom Kingdom. When the levitating stops, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad walk out of Toad's house wondering what happened. The bed Emperor Ed is on lands on Toad. Emperor Ed frantically says that King Koopa abducting him from his castle and is planning to raise Princess Toadstool's kingdom to Sky Land. Mario and Luigi replies that they will restore Emperor Ed and defeat King Koopa.

Later, Mario and Luigi search for Super Leaves while Princess Toadstool and Toad hammer and tie down everything possible, to prevent being levitated. Mario and Luigi, with their Raccoon Suits, grab Emperor Ed and places him back in the throne of Sky Land. Soon, they notice floating furniture and fly to King Koopa to pulverize his plans. On the Doom Ship, they unsuccessfully try to ambush King Koopa and Kooky. Kooky manages to trap them in a cage, with a Rocky Wrench patrolling them. They are forced to watch Mushroom Kingdom's destruction on the TV screen. Trying to escape, they only manage to annoy the patrolling Rocky Wrench. Later, after Sky World's surrendering, Toad uses a magnet to affix the Rocky Wrench, while Princess Toadstool frees Mario and Luigi. Mario has a plan and wants Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad to move the Kooper-Dooper Raiser-Upper to Toad's house. They escape with the Kooper-Dooper Raiser-Upper in Toad's house. They blast the Doom Ship away with the contraption. Later they use machine to restore Mushroom Kingdom and Sky Land to normal. They remember what they were doing and resume eating pancakes.

7 Continents for 7 Koopas[edit]

In 7 Continents for 7 Koopas, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad, comments on a nice for swimming. However, they see the Doom Ship arrive. Attempting to hide, Mario and his friends leap inside a nearby pond. The Doom Ship is overheated, though, and it uses the Super Slurp Pipe to suck the pond Mario and his friends are in. King Koopa and his children do not realize that they abduct Princess Toadstool. After the Doom Ship leaves, Mario, Luigi, and Toad realizes that King Koopa has kidnapped Princess Toadstool without knowing it, and they obtain Raccoon suits to pursue the Doom Ship. Before they can follow the Doom Ship, which is heading to the Real World, King Koopa clogs all the pipes leading to the Real World by placing force fields. Mario and his friends crash in the force fields, losing their power-ups.

While Princess Toadstool gets captured by setting off an alarm in the Doom Ship, Mario, Luigi, and Toad, having their Raccoon Power again, try to unclog the blocked pipe. They fail and lose their Raccoon powers again. However, Princess Toadstool manages to destroy the Koopa Clogger, which is the one clogging all pipes. Mario, Luigi, and Toad see this and hop on Para-Beetles to stop the Koopalings from destroying the Real World. While his friends split up for rescuing each continent, Mario arrives at China and transforms the Great Wall of China (which Bully vandalized) to a Chinese dragon chasing Bully. At the Louvre, a famous French museum, Mario takes Kootie Pie's wand and makes water gush out of a painting, sweeping away Kootie Pie. Mario arrives at South America and reverts the parking lot to the Amazon Rainforest. At the end of the episode, Mario complements on Princess Toadstool's helping them save the continents of the Real World.

True Colors[edit]

Mario and Luigi dyed with blue and red.

In the beginning of True Colors Paragoombas and Para-Beetles attack the Mushroom Kingdom at 12:00 a.m.. Mario and Luigi repel this attack, though. The next day, the Doom Ship sprays the Koopa Color Goopa on all Mushroom Kingdom residents, making them either red or blue. At first, the residents pay no attention to the color they are. Cheatsy and Kooky, disguised as a red resident and a blue resident respectively, throw a fight to try to divide the Mushroom residents by color. Mario and Luigi (painted blue and red respectively) try to stop this fight, but ended up escalating the conflict.

During the night, Mario and Luigi sneak in King Koopa's castle. On a three-forked path, they disagree and split to the right and left paths. A Chain Chomp and a Fire Chomp chased them to the middle section of the path. The center route has a flock of aggressive Paragoombas, however, and they end up in a room with three warp pipes. As they overhear the Koopalings' conversation, they realize that their discrimination sets up an opportunity to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. They decide to help unite the red and blue citizens. The next day, the red and blue citizens are almost ready for a civil war. Mario and Luigi halted them and tells them that Princess Toadstool is trapped in a warp drain. They meet Princess Toadstool, who is glad that the citizens have left the battlefield. Mario convinces them that all the citizens are Mushroomers, no matter the color, and the Mushroom Kingdom citizens reform. Later, Cheatsy and Kooky reveal themselves and retreat. The Koopa Color Goopa wears off eventually, but everyone has already learned to live together.

Recycled Koopa[edit]

While walking in the castle garden in Recycled Koopa, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad are bombarded by King Koopa's trash. The Koopalings have been previously bickering on how to clean up the trash before pouring it to Mushroom Kingdom. Stumped, Luigi sarcastically suggests a magic wand to remove all the trash. This helps Mario to develop a plan, and the group enters the warp pipe that has dumped the garbage. As King Koopa notices them, he orders Bully, Kootie Pie, Hip, Hop and Big Mouth to capture them. Mario and his friends hide behind a big suit of armor from the Koopalings. Mario grabs Hip's magic wand as he runs by. When Mario and friends are escaping from the castle, King Koopa, Bully, and Hip notices them and Hip's wand and chases them. Mario and his friends grab Super Leaves and fly away before King Koopa and his children can grab them. The Doom Ship follows Mario and his friends and attacks Luigi with a Bob-omb. After this, Paragoombas chase them. King Koopa uses a megaphone and tells Mario to return the wand. Mario replies by using Hip's wand to hurl the garbage pile to the Doom Ship.

Mario and his friends make another walk in Princess Toadstool's castle later. Toad uses Luigi's Plumber's Periscope to inspect in a warp pipe what King Koopa is doing. Mario observes Sledge Brothers dropping garbage in a nearby warp pipe. Mario informs his friends that the Koopalings are depositing their trash in another land. Princess Toadstool tells Luigi and him to stop the Koopalings while she and Toad stay guard in the castle. In King Koopa's castle, Mario and Luigi spy on the Koopalings to see where they dump the garbage. The Sledge Brothers grabs the box they are hiding in and dump them in the warp pipe. When Mario pokes out of the garbage, he realizes that he and Luigi are in Brooklyn. They soon realize that the garbage is transforming the residents to Koopa zombies. Mario and Luigi try to clean up the garbage because its mutating effects can spread to the whole Real World. King Koopa orders the Koopa zombies to attack them. Mario and Luigi escape by hiding in an alley, but Mario and Luigi are shocked to see that Mario has grown a tail. Mario and Luigi gets a plan and starts working on the Trash Smasher. Unfortunately, for Mario, a batch of garbage falls on him and transforms him to a Koopa Zombie. Luigi escapes Mario using the Trash Smasher. Luigi cleans the city and reverts Mario to normal. Soon, they chase a panicked King Koopa away from Brooklyn.

The Venice Menace[edit]

Mario and Luigi on a gondola.

In The Venice Menace, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad sees a gondola and the gondolier crash landed. The gondolier exclaims that a sea monster is ravaging in Venice, his hometown. The gondolier reassures them that he is being serious. Mario says that Venice is his favorite city, second to Brooklyn, and departs to Venice with Luigi and the frog suits. They avoid several enemies before arriving at Venice. They disguise themselves as regular people from King Koopa. Mario brings up this strange, good feeling about Venice while he is passing a statue of him and Luigi.

Suddenly, the Doom Sub attacks and chases them. They transfer to a motorboat and flee. They drive underneath many clothes lines. The clothes obscures King Koopa's vision and causes the Doom Sub to crash. At a hotel, Luigi tells Mario to leave Venice, sine the problem is fixed, but Mario wants a reason for the strange feeling at Venice. King Koopa releases Chain Chomps underwater to destroy the underwater structure holding the hotel. Mario lets in a Boom Boom and a Hammer Brother accidentally. Mario and Luigi trick them by running in a closet holding Frog Suits and trapping the enemies in the closet. They sneak on the Doom Sub. As a part of the plan, Mario makes King Koopa and Kootie Pie Koopa chase them while Luigi pulls on a recall lever, making the attacking enemies retreat. Kootie Pie blasts the Doom Ship and sends Mario to the cockpit. Mario pulls another level to warp the Doom Sub to Desert Land while they escape. After that, the gondolier gives Mario and his friends a reward ride on a gondola. Mario and Luigi notices the statue while the gondolier explains that their ancestors were Marco Polo's Plumbers, solving the mystery of the strange feeling of Venice.

Super Koopa[edit]

King Koopa in his Doom Ship grabs Luigi with a lasso in Super Koopa. He dumps him and himself to a warp zone leading to Paris, France. Mario and Princess Toadstool emerge from a manhole and sees Luigi in King Koopa's possessions. After releasing Luigi, King Koopa uses his newly acquired pendant and transforms to Raccoon Koopa. He kidnaps Princess Toadstool and flies to the Eiffel Tower. Mario and Luigi pursues King Koopa in a helicopter and confronts him after he tied Princess Toadstool. He simply punches them away. Mario and Luigi luckily lands on a submarine. The submarine's captain asks them if they are okay. After seeing King Koopa dive-bombing them, they retreat in the submarine. King Koopa uses his pendant to transform to Frog Koopa and beaches the submarine, capturing Mario, Luigi, and the captain. After this, he places them in the Bastille, a French prison. Mario and Luigi have attempted a few times to get out of the prison.

Toad, who previously sent home for guarding, arrives at the Bastille as a visitor. He had saw Princess Toadstool's message and wants to help. He delivers a birthday cake to his friends and leaves. There a block that contains a Super Leaf, which Mario uses to escape the prison. A Sledge Brother has reported of the breakage to King Koopa. While escaping, Toad gives Luigi a Super Leaf. Mario and Luigi pursue Raccoon King Koopa. King Koopa attacks Mario, but Luigi manages to save Mario from falling to the ground. After untying Princess Toadstool, Toad throws a Fire Flower from his chest at Mario. Mario hits King Koopa with a fireball, making King Koopa plunge to a lake. King Koopa uses his pendant to transform him to a Karoobi. He combines the fire and raccoon forms with the Karoobi to create a nearly invincible form. Mario and Luigi try to blast him with fireballs and even a Starman, but King Koopa simply powers himself up again. When Mario and Luigi are in their Frog Suit being chased, King Koopa sees Princess Toadstool and Toad supplying his enemies with power-ups. He attempts to take them, but Mario and Luigi eventually beat King Koopa. Mario uses a Karoobi to crush King Koopa. Desperately, King Koopa tries to activate his pendant, but his pendant overloads and explodes, sending him back to his land. Later, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad celebrate, with Toad receiving plenty praise from his efforts.