List of Mario Party DS pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Mario Party DS.

Early builds[edit]

Wiggler's Garden was originally called Petey's Greenhouse, with Petey Piranha needing help as a member of Petey's army (aka Piranha Plant) had betrayed him and was destroying his greenhouse. Also, Toadsworth was going to appear in the item house, but was replaced by a Monty Mole. However, he is not totally absent, as he is mentioned in the item gallery a few times, just never seen. The game was also meant to be used with Wi-Fi Connection.

Another thing is that the players used to have their own boxes at the top screen that have the "X" in the Coins storage and the Stars storage. In the final version, it was removed, because Coins can reach over 100. Also, the color used for the numbers that appear after earning or losing coins/Stars were gold instead of blue or red (as shown below).